A Day At The Beach With My Baby

Blog 1615 – 02.20.2020

A Day At The Beach, With My Baby

As the longest interlude in Houston that I have known in quite some years comes to an end, I must say that one of the things that I wanted to do more than all of the many things on my quite long “Honey Do List” that I am glad and grateful that I also got accomplished was what I got to do yesterday. I got to have a drive together from Houston to Galveston and back, a nice seafood lunch together and a pleasant relaxing walk along the sea wall with my wife and love of my life, Linda. Ours has always been a “strange and beautiful relationship” if not sometimes strained and dutiful. She is as you might have guessed the pretty one and I the weird, skewed view one. We had a wonderful time at the beach.

Before we left and while she was still asleep I watched again one of my favorite romantic comedies, Music From Another Room, with a young handsome Jude Law, an even prettier and younger Gretchen Mol, and also the beautiful and bustier playing Gretchen’s blind sister, Jennifer Tilly. It is a wonderful story that begins with a solemn and serious little five year old boy who had recently lost his mom to death having his last Thanksgiving in the States with his Army doctor father and his dad’s friends in their home before leaving to grow up in England. The name of the family, as the brass plaque above the doorbell reads, is “Swans” and the mom is expecting a new addition to the already several children that she and her husband share. The baby is ready to make an appearance even before the turkey is served but fortunately one of the two guests is a doctor but he has already had several before dinner drinks and his hands are too big to remove the umbilical chord wrapped around the baby’s neck preventing her from easily exiting her mom. Also fortunately his unusually calm and quiet little son is hiding in the den from the rowdy new children he has just met and has small and steady little hands that his doctor daddy directs to help with the delivery of a beautiful little baby girl. The mama, a lover of Russian romance novels, says when the boy and the doctor dad put the baby in her arms, “Her name is, Anna.” The little boy out of the blue says, “I am going to marry her.”

At the end of the movie, and I will not spoil it for you, Jude Law’s character is again shown as the five year old boy leaving that memorable Thanksgiving dinner with his dad. In the truck the boy says again to his dad, “I’m going to marry her” and smiles.

I am glad that I married Linda Lee Stokes and that we are still together after over thirty years of marriage. We lived together for a year and a half before we wed. After three failed marriages for me, none for her, at nearing forty years of age (surprising how young that seems now) we wanted to get to know one another better and be more sure of our common interests before committing to marriage. Then also my last divorce was the longest and most drawn out and painful of the three. This may not seem at all romantic to many of you but it was for Linda and me for we had found love as our favorite song at the time said, in the Nick of Time.


Nick Of Time

Our beautiful baby boy, Jonathan David James Wallace White, today known by his friends as simply Jon or Jay was born before our first wedding anniversary. And considerably before, not to our shame but to our complete and utter delight, we could hardly wait and so he came as love did just in the nick of time.

Back then, I recall taking Linda Lee to the beach in Galveston several times, once in a borrowed Mercedes Benz convertible with the top down, the car’s not hers, well hers too later. She had me at, “No tan lines, Honey Bunny.” She never said that actually but I heard it nonetheless. I have always preferred mountains to beaches, I confess. The song that is featured in Music From Another Room both in the movie and as the credits begin to roll says:

For thirty-two years Linda and I have walked our share of beautiful mountains and beaches and the sky has not fallen down on us yet. Of all the women that I have ever known or hope to, men, boys, girls, babies too, she has and continues to be the most untiring and inspiring. Thank you, Linda Lee, for loving me and allowing me to love you. Everyone should be so lucky. And thank you for yet another day at the beach.

Your forever friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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