Are We Open To New Ideas And Opportunities?

Blog 1614 – 02.19.2020

Are We Open To New Ideas And Opportunities?

Perhaps we think we are, but are we really? I have found that way too many of us oldsters and even some of you youngsters must be dragged into the future kicking and screaming and are even only then ready to fully accept a new idea or opportunity when its day is almost or already past.

One of the wisest sayings purported to Marilyn Monroe follows:

(She just played a dumb blonde in the movies. She was not just beautiful but was also a wise, strong woman, and not the weak fragile little daddy’s girl some choose to fantasize that she was. Some people in power were afraid of what she knew and some perhaps still are.)

Life for many people, maybe most of us, is not a bed of roses but we can make it better and better by just opening up our hearts and minds to a few new ideas and opportunities. Dionne Warwick sang in one of her most beautiful songs, “A fool would lose tomorrow looking back to yesterday. I won’t drown myself in sorrow should you decide to go away.” Many people and things come in and out of our lives but life is meant to go on getting better and better. The longer you live the better you should learn that the One person you can really always rely on to have your back, front, sides, top, and bottom is you. And honey if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. True self-love makes us more love able to others, not less. Self-loathing, often misdiagnosed as narcissism or “selfishness” repels others. Like attracts like, it is the law. Want something big, bright, and beautiful to come into your life, just begin to behave big, bright, and beautiful. What comes to us is only what we are opened to.

Open up your heart

Light shine out & in

Change a half-smile

To a wide open grin.

In the Big Crosby, Grace Kelly, William Holden, nineteen-fifties movie, Country Girl, Bing’s character is an alcoholic singer/stage actor who has found an excuse to give in to fear and lose himself in a bottle. It is a complicated story but all too familiar. This one ends on a hopeful note, often they do not. Instead of looking for an excuse to quit, we should be looking for an excuse to shine, as if we needed one, that is what stars do. Prove to yourself and everyone just Who and Whose you truly are. Open up not to just let others in but to let out all the wonders within you. Wow, where did I put my sunglasses. Miss M was not the only star. We all are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Keep on shining, You.

David White

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