Are Essential Oils Essential?

Blog 1613 – 02.18.2020

Are Essential Oils Essential?

Or are they like so many ancient and modern sales gimmicks just snake oil cures to sell to people looking to heal what ails them? It is an honest question, I think, but one the answer to which must first deal with another, “Is faith essential to healing?” There are many purported healings in the Old Testament and New Testaments of the Bible. The common denominator in most if not all of them is the faith of the afflicted person or that of the person or persons bringing them to the healer. One of the more curious reported healings of Jesus in the New Testament was his restoring of the sight of a man blind from birth by anointing his eyes with a clay compound made on the spot with soil and Jesus’ spit. It is explained in the story that many in that day believed that the spittle of a holy man had healing properties. Water has lubricating and cleansing properties, if not healing properties as well. We are, many of us taught, from children that a mother’s kiss and spit have such healing properties. How quick we are to pop that hammer hit thumb into our mouth hoping to heal the hurt away.

Here is what I think – what we believe is true, not what people tell us, or even what they try to teach us, or to show us, but what we believe. Does science theory, and proven hypothesis have a place, yes, to some degree, I suppose, but what we believe is always the overriding principle when it comes to health, healing, and happiness. How so, Crazy Dave, do go on. In life there are many options, many opinions to choose from, and like Jimmy Durante said of his jokes, “Ah, cha, cha, cha, I got a million of them.” So have we all of our own opinions, picked from the billions available. But we, with long and repeated thought give power to those opinions we pick and think of most, to make them the realities of our life our truth. When we think and say over and over again, “I can’t” – we can’t, and likewise when we think and say over and over again, “We can” – we can.

Think and believe are words that we use as synonyms (words alike in meaning.”) A favorite verse of mine that I often refer to is, “As a person thinks in their heart so are they.” Of all the things we may believe or think to be universally true there are but a few that probably are, like today’s picture quote. Yet, what we think to be true is very true for us. If we have long thought of shortages and that we are sick and dying it is perhaps time that we thought a new thoughts of plenty, of health, of wholeness, and of happiness. If we have bought into another old thought that there shall always be wars and rumors of wars it is perhaps time that we thought and held on to a better thought – peace on earth, good will to men.

I have of late been using an essential oils treatment to remove some tags from my face and body. As I apply the oil I remember a line from and old song written many many years ago, “he anoints my head with oil, surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all of the days of my life” and I think perhaps their other three lovely angelic sisters as well – Peace, Health, and Happiness. And he shall have flowers wherever he goes and a bright, smiling and clear face, I think.

That is where everything begins, with a thought.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

No Matter What

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