This One’s For You, As Are They All, For All

Blog 1612 – 02.17.2020

How Does He Do It?

How does he continue to do it

Staying at it day in & day out

Even after almost five years

Something new to write about?

It’s not as hard as one might think

For a wordy and nerdy guy like me

The quitter’s cool-aid not to drink

Let my thoughts keep flowing free.

Think of all the Marvel Comic heroes

Inspired by the late great Stan Lee

Sweet inspiration every heart knows

Super hero stories dwell in you & me.

How do I? My question how do you not,

Share all those stories deep in you?

Begin today we all to say have a lot

And could be all prolific writers too.

And maybe even singers and poets.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Singer and rhyming poet too,

David White

Your Song

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