Never Enough

Blog 1608 – 02.13.2020

Never Enough

I believe that I am and that we are all multi-talented and creatively gifted guys and gals. From the very first of these our adventures in time and space we were anxious to learn to crawl, then to walk, to gurgle then to talk, to swing then to sing, to talk, to read, to write… We are here, I believe, so that our divine source can live out every possible choice in and through us. We are a part of All there Is, the Universe, and the Universe is a part of us.

This world is full of tempting but tiny little boxes that would try to contain and limit us to one choice or none, but we are free to explore all the options. That is why we came here in the first place from our first place, the mind of the Infinite.

I suppose it is possible as in the 2018 movie, Replicas, with Keanu Reeves that one day scientists may find a way to map and record our brains with all their electrical complexities and later download our unique thoughts and individual history into identical, perhaps younger, healthier cloned bodies. As our loving and infinite source, our choices too are infinite. We may indeed be able to extend the length of one of these our adventures in time and space, hundreds of years into the future some day soon.

According to the Bible account the Antediluvian patriarchs (the guys up to and through Noah) lived almost to 1,000 years of age. Adam the first man closed out at 930 years and Noah himself registered 950 years (the oldest living person, Methusalah, holds the “longest liver ever” title at 969 years.)

After the flood, per the Bible account again, people’s ages gradually shorted till by Moses, one of the longest livers of his day, 120 was the top. At the narrow Christian fundamentalist Bible College I attended, in biology class, they taught the reasoning for this shortening of life spans was that before the great flood of Noah’s days much of the harmful aging, life-shorting, harmful rays of the sun were filtered out by a much thicker water vapor canopy in the atmosphere around the earth creating a tropical paradise around the planet where everything grew lusher and longer. All this extra water fell during the flood as the waters of the deep also broke open according to the story. This water canopy theory also helps the Bible literalists make the Bible record jive with the fossil record, to some degree at least.

As the song Circle of Life from Disney’s The Lion King says, “There is far too much to take in here, more to do than can ever be done,” at least in one lifetime even if it spanned almost a thousand years. But not to worry, for we are not bound by this time and space construct but are the co-creators of it so that we with our loving and infinite source may play out all the possible scenarios, enjoying life and love to the fullest, not just for a few years, even to a hundred and twenty years, or a thousand years, but forever. Have fun, youngsters and oldsters, as I do, and plan to continue, well forever.

Never Enough

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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