“Baffling With Bullshit”

Blog 1607 – 02.12.2020

“Baffling With Bullshit”

When it often hits the fan in the middle of one of my rants as I catch the glimmer in a friend’s smiling eyes, I am reminded that it is all bullshit. Watch your language, Crazy Dave. I do try, but to paraphrase Shakespeare – bullshit by any other name would still stink. A devoted reader of this blog commented that I got a bit more political in a recent one, that my political references are usually more guarded than my un-angel-like word ventures into sex and religion. Politics, to me, is very much like sex and religion. It makes for strange bed fellows and multiple swinging and switching of partners like a barn dance. And though not myself raised on a farm I do know one thing about barns and that is that one must watch where they are walking or they will step in horse, goat, cow, or bullshit. Must you continue using that word, Dave? Couldn’t you just say, B.S. or Bull spit?

Reminds me of how many religious people have such a big problem with the F-word. I happen to believe that it is one, if not the most, expressive word in the English or any other language, for it can be used as a greeting, salutation, exclamation, noun, verb, adjective, and adverb – a quite versatile word in even many more ways, indeed.

But, back to B.S. It is an old joke, but true and equally of all the three “forbidden subjects” that if you cannot be brilliant you can always baffle them with (you guessed it) bullshit. I quote often a favorite line from the nineteen- nineties movie with Dustin Hoffman called Hero. Dustin plays a reluctant hero who saves a downed plane full of passengers and crew, getting them off it and to safety before the crashed plane blew. He is also a con-man and credit card thief who is about to go to prison for his deeds so he lets a more altruistic homeless man take credit for his very out of character heroic deeds. Before he has to begin serving his time, he gets permission from his divorced wife to take their ten year old son to the zoo, where he hopes to leave him with some condensed fatherly advice, figuring that he will have few opportunities to do so from prison. On the subject of religion (and it applies to the other taboo two subjects as well) Dustin tells his son:

“Religion is like all these layers of bullshit, you just pick the layer you want to believe.”

Truer words were seldom if ever spoken, say I, one BSer to another.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Seasoned and accomplished BSer, (But, I know it, as did Robin Williams. So many of us miss him so.)

David White

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