Greater Than A King – A Hero

Blog 1606 -02.11.2020

Greater Than A King – A Hero

Overhead in a conversation in the movie Aqua-man:

“Atlantis has always had a king but she needs something greater than a king – Mera

What could be greater than a king? – Aqua-man

A hero. A king fights for his nation, a hero fights for everyone. – Queen Atlanta

Many people are looking for a messiah, a savior but what we truly need is a hero. But we are in luck for there is a hero inside everyone of us. As the old saying goes: “It takes one to know one.” The overwhelming and continued popularity of the Marvel superheroes, the DC superheroes, not to mention those of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the Federation of Planets and beyond in Star Trek, the heroes of the rebellion against the First Order in Star Wars, and yes even of late the contenders and pretenders to the Iron Throne in The Game of Thrones is all witness than in desperate times we are even more desperate to call forth our heroes.

I am reminded of a song in the movie Pay It Forward named appropriately “Calling All Angels.” Even our beloved, and some think one of if not the best President, Abraham Lincoln, appealed to our better angels hoping as we all do that they will prevail. Sometimes it looks like ego in all his sham and shamelessness will ultimately prevail but that puny he/she creation of mankind alone will not. For all ego’s lust for power and to control the story he/she cannot for long, for true power and glory belong only to the heroes in each of us, that battle on not just for kit, for kin, for color, for creed, for greed, for nation, but for the greater good of everyone and everything.

One of my hero philosophers, in his Ten Intentions For A Better World program, Tony Burroughs, says that making good intentions is not enough but advises that we should attach to our list, however short or long, this disclaimer to all our wishes, hopes, dreams, prayers, intentions – “I make these intentions for the good of myself, the universe, everyone, and everything..” For indeed no true hero would ever want anything to manifest unless benefit to all and everything was the end result.

To yesteryear news correspondent for CBS, Eric Sevareid, is credited the authorship of one of my favorite quotes: “Most of our problems are created by our solutions.” Our half-baked, half-thought out, and half-assed solutions. If our solutions or intentions are only made for ourselves and not the universe, everyone, and everything then they are only quarter-baked, quarter-thought out, and quarter-assed so we should not be surprised when a solution less than stellar results, continuing the complete mess of our own creation.

Remember, as a good worker is worthy of the company of kings, that we like Atlantis are worthy of better than kings – true heroes who have not just their own interests in mind. But as much as their own, their family’s, their friends, their nation’s they also have the best for the whole Universe – everyone, everything also in mind. What a difference that kind of “heroing” can make.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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