No Expiration Date On This Ticket

Blog 1602 – 02.07.2020

No Expiration Date On This Ticket

What if I told you that I have it from a higher source, higher even than the major credit card companies or Willy Wonka himself, that there is no expiration on the love gift card, golden ticket, that we have all been given by our loving and infinite source, no expiration and no limit. For some of us that is a hard to believe deal, but I assure you that it is real.

The limits of love and life are only those that we impose. Each adventure is intended for us to act out bigger and bigger dreams. That after all is why we are here, in time and space, our safe place, to act out all of our divine fantasies.

If your intended sweet dreams have turned into nightmares you have only to remember from Whom all your dreams spring. Some years ago I happened upon a clue, turning a scripture over and around trying to see a deeper hidden meaning than the rote and stale interpretation most often given to it. The verse was:

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

The emphasis is usually placed on delighting ourselves in the LORD, whose proper name by the way, as given to Moses is “I Am.” Who is the God of this world? I am, so if anything is amiss, not to my liking, I have no one else to blame, but myself. From whence come my dreams and desires? You guessed it, according to the above verse, me again. When I think my life and world are messed up beyond repair I have only to think a new and a better thought to change it back or make it even better yet.

Why do we refuse to own up to our own personal responsibility in all this? Someone has said, no tongue in cheek intended, “I am the master of my fate, the author of all I survey.” Want to make a better world, a sweeter dream come true, it is all and entirely up to you. The story goes that it took God but seven days to create all there is, then it should take but the twinkling of an eye to re-make anything you think is amiss. Or maybe you are looking to find that perfect lad or Miss to compliment your life. Another word says, “You have not because you ask not or because you ask a Miss (Actually it reads “amiss” meaning wrongly but how could it be wrong to ask for a Miss perfect for you?” But, then, I digress, still thinking about pretty Misses will do that to pretty Miss appreciating guys like myself.

What was the point that I was trying to make? Oh, yes, just this. That each of us is responsible for our own thoughts, dreams, desires, and world view. A popular saying is “Seeing is believing” but the opposite is equally if not more true, “Believing is seeing.” Or as yet another verse says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Think the highest and loviest thought you can and add as much emotion to it as you can, wait for it, wait for it, that is your next sweet dream come true.

If I had my wish (and I often, if not always, do) all your highest and best dreams would always come true. I expect a full report. Quit your whining and get to shining and dining on the very best you can imagine. That’s the ticket, worth far more than Charlie’s famous golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Chocolate, by the way, was made on the last of the seven days, though not specifically mentioned in the story, I Am saving the best for last.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Pure Imagination

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