Self Indulgence

Blog 1601 – 02.06.2020

Self Indulgence

Self indulgence is never a problem if we understand who the One and only true Self is. I have more than once used the three loves verse of Jesus to illustrated my belief that there is only One Love and One Self actually. Jesus said that the law that superseded the Law and the Prophets was, “You shall love the LORD your God, with all your heart soul mind and strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.” To me that three-in-one “You shall” written I our hearts indeed supersedes the ten “You shall nots” written on stone tablets.

Someone shared a great quote recently that we should not forget to love our neighbor in our over indulgent love of ourselves. Good as that quote sounds on the surface, I think, it mistakes what the One Love, One Self, idea expresses. What many mistake as self love is actually self loathing, the ego does not love self but seeks to destroy the true self. Ego loves not God nor neighbor either. To love anyone of those three truly is to love all three, God, neighbor, and self. In this sense there is but One Love, One Self.

It is ego that warns “Do not spoil that child by lavishing too much love upon them, nor love yourself inordinately.” But both are equally impossible for there is only one way to love truly and that is unreservedly and completely. It is holding love back for fear of spoiling or being inordinate that causes so many many problems.

Inordinate per the dictionary means:

Can one really love too much or admire beauty too much in others or in one’s self? I think not, only ego would try to tie such a knot and keep our minds and hearts tormented and restricted by silly rules that make no sense. It is the devil ego that says “No, No” ten times while One who listened less to ego than many said: “Yes, yes, yes or love, love, love.” By the above definition, I think we should definitely misbehave.

The quote picture today says it all, Love, no matter from what angle you look at it, high or heavenly – God, lowly or to the most common denominator – you, or from the widest angle – including all our neighbors, starting with the nearest, and reaching further and further out, is One, as we are One Self both to give and to receive it. World without end, Amen.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

That did sound a lot like a sermon, especially toward the end. Sorry about that, I did not meant to preach nor to try to teach, but just as always to share an encouraging word. Here it is, you are never alone, but completely loved, lovable, and lovely. You are indeed, the One, as I believe we are all, deliberately, de-lovely, and divinely.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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