Your Dream Is Worth A Shot

Blog 1600 – 02.05.2020

Your Dream Is Worth A Shot

That after all that is why we are here, to give it our best shot, to give it all we’ve got. As a boy I dreamed of being a better reader, better singer, and better writer and though I have made a few tentative stabs at all three along this long and winding road of a life, not until almost five years ago did I begin giving those dreams a daily shot in the arm with this blog, a few years later my daily Daily Mockingbird Song email, and just last summer my daily David Reads Children’s Books email. Sixteen hundred blogs later, almost three hundred recorded Mockingbird songs and almost two hundred recorded Children’s Books to share, I realize that I have always been a wonderful reader, a wonderful writer, and even a wonderful singer. With over sixty years of research, I have a virtual trove of treasures to share plus in addition to that research I am continually adding more daily that will keep me busy sharing my dreams for the rest of my time here. That very thing I am planning to do through hopefully my second set of teens.

Sadly and all too often people give up on their dreams just before they are about to come true. Give your dreams just one more shot and give it all you’ve got. What are you saving it for anyway, your next life? What if I told you that we get to start where we left off this time next time and that each adventure is a higher and a better one? Would it help you to see how important it is to get and to go as far as we can in this one?

I have no crystal ball, no special insight, just a hopeful hunch that when it comes to lives, most of us have probably already lived a bunch with many more yet to come. But that is no excuse not to make the most of this one. Your dreams await. And remember dreams do come true and only so we can dream bigger, higher, and better ones.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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