Somethings Require A Little More Getting Used To

Blog 1599 – 02.04.2020

Somethings Require A Little More Getting Used To

Some things and people have to grow on you a bit before you can see and appreciate their finer points. They take some getting used to. It is a point played out again and again in romantic comedies. Girl meets boy, neither boy nor girl can stand one another, circumstances keep throwing them together, till first one, then the other, sees something reflected in the other that they like, their own divine self. Then often are uttered the same or similar words, “How could I live without you?”

For forty-seven years, watching them battle, hammer and tongs, one might have thought, I long did, that my parents loathed one another. But one would have been wrong, I was. My parents for all their bickering and squabbling had a real love connection. My mother loved the song when it came out, “How Could I Live Without You?” She could only stand three years without my dad before she took her on life, I think, so she could be with him all the sooner.

Theirs was not a love at first sight story. I have told it at length in a previous blog as she told it to me in its entirety for the first time, the morning of my dad’s last day. One of these almost sixteen hundred blogs is about Their Love Story, scroll down if you care to read it for yourself. It is my hope that just as my story-telling dad grew on my mom that over time these blogs, songs, and stories of mine will grow on you, that you, dear reader, listener, hopefully fan, will realize as I have that we all will one day, that we are connected, each of us is an important and a beloved part of the One Great Divine Self. And that truly we cannot live without one another, nor should we or would we ever want to if we knew our true connection.

The English poet, John Donne, long ago wrote that in some of his most quoted words, the picture quote above. Clarence, the apprentice angel, in It’s A Wonderful Life, won his wings and said, “Every time a bell rings, another angel gets his wings.” Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls you you and me, angels, God’s first, last, best and most complete creations, we. The thought kind of grows on you doesn’t it?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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