Final Score Of The Big Game

Blog 1598 – 02.03.2020

Final Score of the Big Game

Perhaps our favorite team did not make it to the big game but most of us did still watch if only for the half time show and the commercials. I did, though I myself am not a devout football or any sport fan, though I do get a bit more interested come the play offs and the big games. It does seem to be more fun watching if as they say “you have a dog in the fight or money on the game.” This year I had neither. As I waited at home on a new away work assignment I watched the game and reminisced about passed Super Bowls and where I had watched them from.

The first one that I watched away from family, I was working in Williston, North Dakota. A buddy that I had gone up from Houston with to inspect a work-over drilling rig and I watched the game at a bar there where they gave away free popcorn and pizza during the game. It was a much smaller affair than most of the sports bars in Houston but it was fun.

I confess that I had to pull out my long and extensive work resume to prod my memory a bit about where I was for the last ten or so Super Bowls. I have been working on the road and away for most of those last ten big games.

I spent the 2013 Super Bowl in Baggs, Wyoming

2014 in Terre Haute, Indiana

2015 in Crawfordsville, Indiana

2016 in Naperville, Illinois

2017 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin

2018 in Richland Center, Wisconsin

2019 in Cheyenne, Wyoming

And happily 2020 at home in Houston, Texas.

How did I decide who to root for? I picked the AFC team that beat my Texans out of contention, the Kansas City Chiefs. We were up twenty-four points in the first quarter of our Division Playoff Game (the furthest we have been thus far) but quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his team saved their best for last and came back to beat us. You have to admire that about any person or team.

Saved The Best For Last

And they did it again in Super Bowl 54 to secure their second Super Bowl win for their city, Kansas City, in fifty years. And let me tell that you there are not only some crazy little women but a lot of crazy men in Kansas City today too, enjoying reveling regarding the great performance of the KC Chiefs “the save the best for last, come back kids.”

Final score – KC Chiefs – 31, SF 49’s – 20. It was a wonderful game to watch and to write about. But then those of you who know me, know I can write and do about most anything.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

With always an encouraging word,

49’s maybe next year will be your year.

David White

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