Surprisingly, It Is Monday Again

Blog 1591 – 01.27.2020

Surprisingly, It Is Monday Again

How time flies when you are having fun and sometimes even when you are not. I have thoroughly enjoyed the little over a month now that I have had off work, home in pleasant and balmy, at least this time of the year, Houston, Texas. And though I am ready to get back to my traveling contract inspector life, hopefully somewhere where it stays colder longer than it does hot, I am staying busy and actually volunteering for more things to be added to my “Honey Do List.”

Thus far I have installed a new garbage disposal, a new shower valve in the second bath, hung a new larger wider screen TV in the den that our son gave us, and moved the one we were using in the den to the entertainment center in the living room, replaced burned out light bulbs throughout the house, cut down a tree growing to close to the left front of the house, encouraged my wife to pick our a new sofa and love seat for the den and living room for comfortably watching said TV’s (thus far the most difficult and longest taking task.) Over the weekend I cleaned up the azalea beds in the front of the house, planting one new bush (it was all Lowe’s had left, hopefully more will come in before I am on the road again) planted summer blooming gladioli bulbs in three flower beds in the front yard, some grass seed in the bare spots in the yawn, trimmed sycamore tree limbs overhanging the drive way, cleaned out the clogged roof rain gutter, cut down another tree growing too close to the right front of the house, and I am sure I did a few other note worthy things too, but who’s counting.

If you think I listed all that to get a pat on the back you would be wrong for I learned long ago that the best pat on the back is your own. I just said all that to encourage those guys out there, like myself, not as young as we once were, that like me they too can still be quite handy to have around if they choose. A handy man is always nice to have around the house, huh ladies?

Handy Man

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Handy man, just ask my wife,

David White

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