Thank You To All My Readers

Blog 1590 – 01.26.2020

Thank You To All My Readers

For your devoted consideration

I would so sincerely like to say

A thank you to all my readers

Today’s & all who will someday.

I, the encouraging word guy, am encouraged to know that I am finding my audience, that people are reading and finding the encouraging word that I think everyone needs, some becoming daily followers and fans. I hope that I have many years of blogs yet in me. But, whether I do or not, I hope that the almost five years of blogs that I have already written will continue to touch hearts and minds long after I have posted the last new one. I intend to set up a trust that will continue to fund this free domain long after I have passed off this stage so that will remain freely accessible long into the future.

They say, “Pride goes before a fall” but I nevertheless pride myself that I have taken the time each morning to share with my friends a word or several hundred hopefully encouraging ones. I know that you may not always agree with my particular view or take on things and actually I would question the soundness of your own mind if you did. Friends may not always agree but friends nevertheless listen to their friends, encouraging discovery in themselves and others thereby.

I hope it shows that the three pronged goal I set for myself when I first began this daily blog – to write something entertaining, hopefully enlightening, but always encouraging, is still my goal today. As a boy in the nineteen fifties, over three generations ago now, I watched a TV show called The Millionaire, and dreamed that one day I too would be a philanthropist. I have yet to strike it rich in the way John Beresford Tipton did but my treasures I nevertheless share with everyone I can by way of encouraging words, poems, songs, and recollections.

To Leave Something Behind

Funny, sad, satirical, or serious, rest assured each one is meant to encourage.

Who made you the encouraging word guy, you might ask. Well, I did, even as Standing Bear (Henry) himself took up Hector the avenger’s mantle in the Walt Longmire Mysteries, I saw a perceived need and sought myself to fill it. And is that not one of the most fun and fulfilling things in this Time/Space adventure, to write ourselves into some heroic role in our own adventure story. Well, maybe, not everyone sees it that way, at least not yet, but I plan to keep at it as the ole song says, “If I can help somebody, along life’s way, then my living shall not be in vain.”

Tune in tomorrow to see how this continuing story progresses. And thanks to all who have and yet will.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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