While We Wait, Let’s Get To Work

Blog 1589 – 01.24.2020

While We Wait, Let’s Get To Work

I have found in my sixty-nine years, thus far, of this particular adventure that one of the best ways to wait patiently for that next dream to come true is to find things that need doing right now. Maintaining an untroubled mind is always paramount to being able to see clearly what is that next best step to take. Someone has said the journey of a lifetime begins with one step, but then life is a series of continued steps and it is only when we seem to be sitting and waiting that time seems to crawl by. There is always something that needs doing, something that we might have overlooked while we were so busy taking care of what we thought was the most important business of life.

We have little recorded in the Gospels about the period from Jesus’s birth in approximately 4 C.E. till the beginning of his three year ministry in approximately 34 C.E. It must have been terribly tempting for him to jump the gun and get ahead of himself especially after he became fully aware of Who and Whose he was. We do have one incident recorded, a snap-shot picture from the life of Jesus at twelve years of age:

Boy Jesus had traveled to Jerusalem for the annual celebration of Passover in Jerusalem with his family, consisting of mother Mary, father Joseph, younger siblings, and mostly likely some aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a crowd large enough that Jesus was not discovered to be missing from it till two days into the journey home. Mom and dad let the crowd continue home but they returned to the city to look for their oldest boy. They looked for some time before finding him in the Temple carrying his weight in theological discussions with the elders, and surprisingly well for one so young. When his concerned but relieved folks finally found him they began to scold him for staying behind and told him how terrified they had been and how far and wide they had searched for him, to which he respectfully but also some what confoundedly replied, “Did you not know that I would be about my Father’s business?” In other words, “Where else would I be but here in the house dedicated to Him?”

I find it hard to believe that the thirty year old Jesus, who drew and entertained large crowds with his public speaking and had the powers that were quite concerned in short order with his plans for those devoted followers, arrived fully formed on the scene without years of practice and preparation. Every day of his life he had things, as have we all, that needed doing to prepare for his/our day in the sun that he/we might shine most brightly for that brief and shinning moment.

Every book I ever read, every word or poem I ever spoke or wrote, and every song I ever played or sung, was just preparation for that final and most important performance. For most of us it may not be to large crowds or conclude as dramatically as Jesus act did. His wish was and is, I believe, contrary to many interpretations of his words, an act that he did not nor does want us to follow but rather to live out our own individual and unique divine assignments. But just what the details of those are and how we are to do them is quite literally all up to us. Far be it from me to interfere with such important and highly personalized divine business. Only to say this, “What are you waiting for, the Spirit to move you?” He/She certainly will and in the Old Book it says and surprisingly clear, “Do not worry about what you shall do or what you shall say for in that self same hour it shall be given you. You will hear a voice (most likely sounding a lot like your own) saying. ‘This is the way, walk in it.’”

NBC, this month, started the second season of the fantastic and fanciful series called Manifest about a flight back from Jamaica to New York City that was presumed missing only to land five and a half years later, the passengers not having aged a day. These passengers have returned to a world that has moved on without them. And several of them have experienced “callings” usually their own voices telling them to act or warning them of things to come. Where on earth do the TV writers come up with this stuff? I wonder, not really. We all have work to do, and while we are waiting for clear instructions, plenty of only seeming less important tasks to do await us. So as Wallace Mendel Stokes, long head of the Stokes Farm Clan, used to say and often, “Let’s get to work!”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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