Identity Mystery Solved

Blog 1588 – 01.23.2020

Identity Mystery Solved

Following a long trail of clues

Great mysteries are resolved

Attention to the small details

And problems can be solved.

Even the greatest mystery

Just Who and Whose we are

Prince or forgotten princess

Unknown light or shining star?

Look long into your heart a mirror

Find there the greatest of clues

There you are sure to find “Who”

You’ve always been and “Whose.”

Name God gave himself to Moses

Reply when asked “By whom sent?”

A clue in our own search for self

To give perhaps God also meant.

Not “Oz, The Magnificent” God’s reply

Or the name of some other famous guy

But as also a clue to who I am and you

God said, The name’s I Am – get a clue.

I love a good mystery.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Great disguise, Big Guy,

David White

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