How To Make Your Best Dreams Come True

Blog 1587 – 01.22.2020

How To Make Your Best Dreams Come True

I believe our biggest challenge in life is not removing or electing a new President, important as that may or may not be, nor solving any or all of the pressing problems that seem to loom over us but it is deciding in a world of endless possibilities what we want to focus on, what we really want. We spend, many of us, entirely too much time distracted by thinking about what we do not want and wondering why our lives are so full of those often scary and disappointing things. Here is another take on the secret that is no secret. As my friend Mike Dooley puts it, “Thoughts become things. Choose the good one.”

I think we are forever doing to ourselves those things we want to blame on others and without realizing it sabotaging our own highest and best dreams by bombarding the Universal Request Center with our worst nightmares. What we think about most and focus on most consistently and clearly becomes our reality. Want a new puppy? Then think about the joy and fun one brings, not on the first several nights of that pretty puppy crying for it’s mom and liter mates and all the daily little messes before they are potty trained. Nothing short-circuits the manifesting processes as surely and completely as counter and conflicting information and requests.

A memory expert in a seminar I once attended on improving memory gave an illustration about how a memory log jam works. He said it was like the way big libraries used to work before computers. You walk up to the desk where the librarian and his or her assistants sits and on a slip of paper, provided, write down the title, author, and or any other information you know that might help them find the book for you and off they go to retrieve it for you. But before they get very far you call them back to make the same repeated request, over and over again delaying and paralyzing the process.

The manifestation process can be stymied like that too. Your loving and infinite source (You, always the Center of your Universe) is always at the ready to make all your dreams come true at just the right time and in just the right way. The one who prevents that from happening is not some deep dark outsider arch-enemy of your soul but your own indecisive, conflicted, inattentive, unfocused, and often oblivious self.

The Universal question is very simple, “What do I really want?” Make up you mind, focus on that for a few moments each day. Visualize yourself glad, grateful, elated and in full possession of your heart’s desire, enjoying all it’s several and best attributes that caused you to want it so in the first place. Then try to just put it out of your mind. Think of other things throughout the day, dealing with the day to day issues of your life. Allow the Universe to rearrange whatever it needs to in your life to grant your request and you will be amazed at how quickly and perfectly those thoughts of yours become reality.

Some years ago some wise person wrote a book titled, “Think And Become Rich.” The same principle applies to everything not just money, but health, happiness, romance, you name it, or rather you think it and it is yours. As street-smart TV detective Tony Baretta, circa 1975, used to say, “You can take that to the bank.”

Only you, have the power to make your dreams come true, so pick, think, and focus on the one or ones you really want.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

Still thinking, dreaming bigger and better dreams,

David White

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