A Few Words, Never One Of Mine Or My Dad’s Best Skills

Blog 1586 – 01.21.2020

A Few Words, Never One Of Mine Or My Dad’s Best Skills

The words of perhaps one writer that inspire me more than any others’ are those from Notes from the Universe author Mike Dooley. To illustrate I share his personalized message from on high to me today:

Mike has quite a gift for saying in fewer words than most of us can manage very important and needful truths for each day. I have quoted and paid tribute to him often in my relatively short blogging career. He has been at this writing something every day to friends far longer than I, but I supposed I may have already surpassed him in the word count department. Mike and I both believe that our thoughts and words do count, and that we create the world around us with them, and our baby steps in the direction we intend for things to go.

Mike just seems to get to and make his points far quicker and with fewer words than I. I do not really try all that hard to be like Mike for he would agree we are all here to be our selves and not just to copy others. Mike does quite well fulfilling the role that he was cut out for but it is up to each of us to do our part to to make this great production a whopping success. So “break a leg” and give it all you’ve got, you shinning stars.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Personal note: after logging fifteen miles on my bike yesterday morning, bringing my three day total to thirty-six miles, (as I already said – not bad for a 69 year young guy) I decided to retire my bike again till spring before I kill myself or freeze to death. It was a sort of manic Monday after all but I am calmer today. Says the guys whose personal philosophy mirrors Muppet Doctor Tooth’s, “There’s a party all the time for them that choose.” I just could not stop with a few words. It is a trait I inherited from my Navy guy and ancient mariner dad, James Clifford White, also nick-named, Windy. Like father, like son. Happy Tuesday, blog fans.

James Clifford White

December 21, 1923 – July 14, 1997

I sure miss you, Dad, and your long and winding tales, see you on the flip side.

I still proudly wear that belt buckle you were wearing in this pic. Ever proud to be one of James White’s boys. Quit showing me your watch, I am done. Your turn.

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