Just Another Manic Monday?

Blog 1585 – 01.20.2020

Just Another Manic Monday?

But need it be? Where do we find the balance between the mood swings that plague most of us much of the time and not just those diagnosed bi-polar and schizophrenic? I know that ego would have us each one believe that we are alone in this but we are not. In life there are rhythms, ups and downs, ebbs and flows, but there is also a calm and an inner peace for those who seek and find it within. One of my favorite stories from Jesus life is the rocking boat story:

Jesus was worn completely out from entertaining a large crowd of fans and asked the boys to launch further out into the lake in the boat that he and they were in so he could catch a few z’s. They did and soon the quiet rocking of the boat and the gentle lapping of the water on the sides of the boat slipping through the water had him fast asleep. But then the wind came up and the waves grew higher and the boys fearing for their lives in the storm awoke Jesus. He was disturbed not by the storm but by their continuing to misunderstand not only who he was but who and whose they were as well. With three words he made short work of the storm – “Peace, be still.” They were magic words then and still are. But only a true child of God can wield them. Fortunately we are all and everyone of us that, and that’s a fact, Jack, whether we act like it or not.

What makes you so sure, Crazy Dave? As one my favorite Indigo Girls song says: “The less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine.”


Closer To Fine

I do believe there is more than one answer to all these pressing questions but life is meant to be more than a hunt or a wild roller coaster ride (though they can both be fun at times too, but not doing either continually and constantly.) Relax from time to time at least or to paraphrase the old Greyhound commercial, “Sit back and leave the driving to “G-Us.”

The peace that passes understanding is really not so difficult when you figure out that you to are the guy or girl, who with three little words can calm any storm and even turn another manic Monday into a personal favorite holiday. We can just as easily say, “Thank God it’s Monday.” I have joked with friends and work mates for years that sometimes we play or work so hard on the weekends that we have to get back to work to rest. I biked a combined twenty one miles this just passed Saturday and Sunday. Not bad for a young man in his seventieth year of this adventure.

Happy Monday to all. Think I will do another ten miles this morning. I am passed ready for a new work assignment, all this vacationing is wearing me out.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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