The Last Song, The Last Book, The Last Word

Blog 1584 – 01.19.2020

The Last Song, The Last Book, The Last Word

I am not there yet and hope that eventuality is yet years down the road. But, then few of us, if any, really know the day nor the hour of our departure from this life, ahead of time. My dad did not. On the very morning of his last day, he told my son Jonathan, only seven at the time and fascinated with his Grandpa White’s Knights of Pythias ceremonial sword, that he had good news and bad news for him. Dad was smiling when he said, “Boy, I have decided to leave you this sword when I die but, the bad news is that I plan to live to be a hundred.” Dad passed that very evening at seventy two years old, almost twenty-three years ago.

Every time I work up another cover of a song that especially appeals to me, record myself reading a different children’s book, or compose and publish a new blog, I think, is this perhaps my last? One day, whether I know it at the time or not, the answer will be – Yes. My only hope is that the song, the book, the word will be an encouraging one. I have come to regard most any subject as fair game and I just look for the right angle and the encouraging word usually presents itself.

The fifties song, Primrose Lane, says, “Life’s a holiday on Primrose Lane. Often life does not feel like a holiday. I was binge watching the first season of Blue Bloods, originally released in 2010, yesterday, and grandpa and New York City Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan, was telling his only granddaughter, “Life is not fair but you can be.” Great grandfatherly advice, but to me with my slightly skewed view of things, I was twisting and turning that great line in my mind and came up with two other takes on it rather quickly:

“Life is always fair if we are fair.”


“Life is always fair if we look till we find the gift hidden there…in the midst of even tragic events.”

Blue Bloods like most police dramas has a strong crime and punishment theme and quite a bit of violence and revenge “justice” under and over tones but the stories are often quite touching as well, and that for me is “the encouraging word.” To me, a TV show or a movie must have a good story or they are just a waste of time. Oh, I enjoy action, car chases, explosions, beautiful places, bodies, and faces as much as the next man or woman, but they mean so much more presented in an attention grabbing, heart and mind entertaining story, at least to me. The writers, directors producers, and actors in Blue Bloods have been doing an excellent job of that for ten years, still hitting that high mark for me. Almost without exception I feel at least once in each program a strong tug at one of my heart strings. And that, sappy as it may sound in our somewhat jaded world, is what I think we all need to stay in tune with who and whose we truly are.

Blood Bloods, the title, is a double entendre referring at the same time to a sort of high blood or royal family, but also a true cop-blue family in the Reagan clan.

Tom Selleck’s dad in the story was also NYPD Commissioner before him and police service has long been the Reagan “family business.” Roman Catholics from Ireland they found their niche after being long unaccepted immigrants, a story played out again and again during our countries relatively short history. To me it is an encouraging and hopeful story that continues today. We are all from the first poor unwanted immigrants to those still poor and unwanted by some yet today – true blue bloods. They nor we can help it because, friends, that is Who and Whose we all are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Who’s your little who’s it? Tag, you’re it.

David White

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