Up In Smoke

Blog 1583 – 01.18.2020

Up In Smoke

Yesterday, I kind of picked-on smokers and so I thought I ought to try to make amends for that. I grew up in the fifties and sixties when most people, men and women, even a lot of boys and girls smoked. Smoking was everywhere and one hardly ever heard anymore the etiquette line, “Do you mind if I smoke?” People just lit up without asking or thinking they needed permission, most everywhere. Even many pregnant women smoked and mothers blew smoke in their babies faces while changing them and nursing them. And why not for even most medical professionals smoked, nurses, doctors, lab techs, researchers, all.

At the high school I attended, between classes and on lunch breaks, the area behind the gym was full of mostly guys smoking. Though I did not smoke I stood there often talking with one of my best friends who did. By that age smoking was something hardly anyone hid or felt the need to.

Today it is a different story. Little by little, places where smoking is permitted have been taken away till I fully expect a new city, state, and national ordinance at anytime to be passed requiring smokers to wear a plastic bubble on their heads while smoking so that no one risks the chance of getting a whiff of their second hand smoke ever again.


Follow Your Arrow

As I said, I did not smoke as a high schooler. In fact, I never smoked even one nor do I plan to, a cigarette, a cigar, a pipe, or a joint. I got more than my share of smoke as a child as both my parents smoked and our home and car were always full of it as were everyone’s lungs in the vicinity. I have even had several doctors over the years after checking my breathing look at me doubtful when I answer their question, “Have you ever smoked?” with a “No, not ever.” I do not think that I am one bit better than anyone who smokes, it was just something that never tempted or appealed to me personally. Though pretty women who smoke always have and probably always will. I have quite a full folder on my Pinterest account called Sexy Smokers with such lovelies as Marilyn Monroe (above), Brigette Bardot, Sophia Lauren, and Elizabeth Taylor puffing sexily. Most all the lovely actresses smoked when I was a boy and some of the sexiest ones still do.

In one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies, Serenity, the Galactic Council, attempting to make a better world, creates a horror far worse than the behaviors they hoped to improve. Many think doing away completely with drinking, drugs, and “bad habits” would create a better world. A different one perhaps but better, I am not so sure. We used to use expressions like, “To every one their own poison.” Or I think the great satirist, Mark Twain, made best the point I am getting at when he said, tongue in cheek:

“I always try to hold on to a few vices because they come in handy bargaining with God for more time. You know, ‘God if you let me live, I will give up…’” I found this little tidbit online:

(Perihelion is defined by the dictionary as the point in the orbit of a planet or comet at which it is nearest the sun.)

Mark Twain had seventy-five years with us, anecdotal evidence at least, that his hanging on to a few vices theory is worth consideration. In addition to that I offer up his great body of wonderful written work that did and continues to do far more to make this a better world in my small estimation than all the blue-nosed, tee-totalers, anti-smokers, anti-dancers, and anti just about anything that others might think is fun, folks.

As the sergeants used to say during my brief but highly educational military career fifty or so years ago, “Smoke ‘em if your got ‘em and if you haven’t got ‘em borrow one from a buddy.” Especially you pretty ladies, or not.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Reminding us all that our freedom ends where the other fellows’ nose begins,

David White

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