Finding Blessings In The Sickest Day

Blog 1580 – 01.15.2020

Finding Blessings In The Sickest Day

Yesterday, I was the sickest that I have been in quite some time. The philosophy I follow says that in everything there comes to us a gift if we just take the time to find it. After a night of mostly dry heaving and runny product from the other end (I apologize if that is too graphic) with the morning I began more productive vomiting, and that was a gift. The pain in my tummy eased enough so I could rest better in bed all day, except for occasional trips to the bathroom, the former way more unusual than the latter. I am a sixty-nine year old guy after all. I rarely spend more than seven hours at a time sleeping, but I did so appreciate that gift, and thanks to it in large part, Pepto Bismol, ginger-ale, and Campbell’s Chicken and Rice soup, I am on the mend. Oh, and a caring wife who like an angel watched over me cattering to my every need of which down time in a dark quiet room seemed at the time most important.

I am especially grateful that if I had to get sick it was during one of my rare breaks between job assignments on the road. For these last almost eight years I have been almost constantly away from my home in Houston, Texas as far away as Kenai, Alaska and no nearer than Birmingham, Alabama. I enjoy working on the road, seeing new places and meeting new people but I miss my wife, son, friends-family-love ones in Texas. I am away so much that everyplace has come to feel like home and I wonder if I could ever be happy staying in one place for very long ever again. I have, I suppose, become addicted to discovery, finding all the necessary places in a new location. For me that is the Walmart, the movie theater, the eateries, the hardware store, the bank, and usually in that order.

But, as I said, I am glad and grateful that I was with my Linda when my body decided to feel a bit under the weather. She was with me in Minnesota in 2018 when I had some pressing health issues. Fortunately I did not miss any work but it was a trying time for me that went so much better because she was there. People who need people may not be psychologically the luckiest people in the world but when you aren’t feeling well it can make you feel pretty lucky to have someone who loves you around.

It was not the productive vomiting, the rest, the Pepto, the ginger-ale, or even the chicken soup so much as it was my loving wife that was and is my most precious gift. Often not the smartest or most sensitive of males, I get that, still I can say that I am truly thankful for a sick day yet hopeful that I can continue to receive most of gifts in less stressful ways.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

On the mend,

David White

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