God Bless This Mess – The Shack Revisited

Blog 1579 – 01.14.2014 (One day delayed)

God Bless This Mess – The Shack Revisited

“Pardon Me”

I took but one day, yesterday, off

I felt sick, a bit under the weather.

At avoiding sick days off entirely

Most folks just aren’t that clever.

I now am up and on the mend

As I was sure I soon would be

If you missed the blog my friend

Accept a heartfelt, “Pardon me.”

Since I already had the blog line, date, and the title for yesterday’s piece typed I will continue on with that theme. About ten years ago I first read the book, The Shack. It’s slightly unconventional take on the Trinity was rather refreshing to me. The same I could say for a little book my now over eight years dearly departed daughter Emily Elaine White (gone but not forgotten) had me read longer ago called, The Tao According To Pooh. I do not deny that just as in the Greek and Roman Myths there are great truths to be gleaned that also there are in most all religious teachings. My biggest problem with religions, all of them, in addition to the tininess of even the “big box religions” is the way they divide God’s children and make us forget that the third person of the trinity is not just Jesus but also us. Think me heretical, Christians, if you like, but why else does Paul and most all the New Testament writers call us, “the body of Christ.”

I started this out as another sort of review of the book and the movie, The Shack, but I would much rather that you read and see it for yourself. And if I can but stir you to by this short blog, I am sure that you will thank me. From the story I share one scene:

Mack has stumbled upon a Shack he was not expecting, inhabited by three “unbelievable characters.” Together they are more than he can resist so he decides to “get the hell out of there” (my words not his.) Sarayu, the most illusive of the three to nail down, follows him along the path on the way to his friend’s borrowed (stollen) four wheel drive, tosses him the keys and says, “You might need these.” She goes on to say that she was hoping he would have stayed and helped her with her garden. Mack, raised to always help a lady in distress, melts to this and decides to delay his departure. Her garden does indeed need tending and and he is about to tell her what a “mess” her garden is when she reads his mind and says the word “mess” that he is reluctant to say out loud. She however adds after saying “mess” isn’t it wonderful. Mack later learns that he is the garden and when the camera zooms back from the tangled garden we see it is a wonderful maze of color and beauty, as are we all.

I hope you will all read and see The Shack but more importantly I hope you, we, will realize more and more what a wonderful mess we truly are, have always been, and will always be, never limited nor defined by any man’s rules nor to be contained in even the biggest box let alone mansion or shack, just like Mack.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

Feeling better,

David White

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