Stop Your Whining

Blog 1581 – 01.16.2020

Stop Your Whining

I had a boss once that said to me, “Do not come to me with a problem unless you can also propose a solution.” It is amazing to me how we always seem to think the solution to our problems is outside of us even as we think those problems come from outside us too. Did you ever take a vacation to get away from your problems for a while only to find they were waiting for you there on that beautiful sandy beach or evergreen tree covered mountains retreat? We have discovered our only enemy and it is us. Time we quit whining and complaining and started brainstorming ideas about how to overcome the enemy of our peace of mind and happiness.

Step One: Refuse to be a victim anymore.

Phrases like “I can’t” and “It is not my fault” or “I’ve tried everything” must be changed to “I can”and “I am responsible” and “I will try something new till I figure out what works best for me and all involved.”

Step Two: Give the enemy no quarter.

If you hear yourself gripping and complaining, remember we are all like children only repeating what we have heard, so stop listening to whiny, puny, little ego who is never happy and never wants you to be happy and listen and repeat only what the One who does (Your higher, best self) says to you.

Hearing voices are we, Crazy Dave? We all do, all the time. I am reminded of a comedian that I heard remark that he was always hearing about these mass murders claiming that they heard voices telling them to kill people. He went on to say the only voices that he ever heard came from the refrigerator or food pantry saying, “Eat me.”

Step Three: Think for yourself.

It is never ever a viable option to allow any one our any group to do that for you.

Few if any really good decisions were ever made by a committee larger than three, the holy trinity Father/Spirit/We really just One Person. God is not schizophrenic.

Someone has said that as parents we should be very mindful what we say to children for our voices will be the voices they hear in their heads. Yesterday, I was watching some almost thirty year old VHS recordings with my wife that we made of our son Jonathan during his first year. I remember in several I was trying to get him to say Da Da as Linda and I had a bet as to which he would say first, Ma Ma or Da Da. I did get him to say Da and she thinks he said Da Da first but I think if we were honest we would have to admit his first two-syllable word, as sadly as that of most babies, was a “No” repeated twice for emphasis, “No, No.” I am ashamed to say he heard those two syllables probably more that any others before he ever spoke.

The New Testament informs us that the promises of the Divine Parent are not “No, No” but, “Yes, Yes.” But our very human and ego influenced side would teach not infinite possibilities but limitations. I am convinced that both the terrible two’s and terrible teen’s are mostly the fault of our poor parenting skills as we attempt to mold our children into a tiny restrictive mold that neither we nor they were ever intended to fit.

Furthermore schools, society, and the world at large is all designed by little egos to conform us all to a too small (ego-sized) predetermined mold. I hear the words from our also human/divine brother saying, “Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Sorry, Christians, I am afraid that most of your most popular teachings, too, are just a slight variation on the tiny box theme. The mind Jesus was talking about was the mind that Paul spoke of later when he wrote:

Brother Jesus himself also said that as he was so are we in this world. And Paul again in another place, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. That Christ or “anointed” mind thing again.

And an anointed-mind or Christ-mind is not a whining, complaining mind but a count your blessings and failing that solving problems mind. So like one of my boyhood cartoon heroes, Tom Terrific, we have only to put on and keep on our true “thinking hats” and we can think ourselves ever into a better person and a better world. Proving one of my favorite author’s favorite themes: Thoughts become things – choose the best ones.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

P.S. A little Bible never hurt anyone, just the little box interpretation of it. Put on and keep on your own thinking hats, all you Tom(s) and Tina(s) out there. Mighty Manfred is counting on us to save the day.

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