More About The Secret Life Within

Blog 1569 – 01.03.2020

More About The Secret Life Within

“Here in lies the truth” is a phrase that comes to mind as I give some more thought to the ideas that I shared yesterday in a piece I called “The Right Place.” We often find ourself worrying whether we are in the right place or not, doing the right job, married or with the right person, pursuing the right goals. These concerns, as important as they may sound are beside the point. The real touch stone, cornerstone, centerpiece we should be focusing on is, “What do I really want?”

As selfish as that may sound to some it is the most sane beginning point of any legitimate evaluation of where we are in this adventure called life. If you hear yourself saying, “I don’t know what I want?” Instead of being hard on yourself, relax and realize that the vast majority of the people on the planet are in the same shoes. Why, else would they, we, let so many people tell us what we want and allow them to sell to us everything under the sun promising complete satisfaction but never delivering more than momentary gratification, if even that.

I, as many people were, was quite moved by the movie The Greatest Showman, a couple of years ago. The story was superb and especially the music. I have done several karaoke style recordings of songs from the movie. Jinny Linds, Never Enough, being one of my favorites.

Never Enough

Nothing on the outside can ever truly be enough to fill the vast limitless space inside of each of us. Even trying to think anyone or anything else could is a thought most depressing, as defeating and depressing as Charles Dickens book Great Expectations or Adam Sandler’s portrayal of the jeweler gambler con-man in his recent film, Uncut. I agree with the lovely comedian/actress Sarah Silverman that Adam’s portrayal is one of his best and most moving but like Nicolas Cage’s great performance in, Leaving Las Vegas, some years ago it drained me emotionally to witness it.

Both characters found the world, never enough, to satisfy their inner longings. News flash, guys and Jinny, it was never intended to be as even the title to James Bond movie, This World Is Not Enough, puts so well – no person or thing even the world can be all in all to you. I have done a lifetime of extensive research on this subject and found in a somewhat obscure biblical text what I believe to be the answer. The verse is, “God is all in all.” Before you get carried away with this one or that one’s “take on God” hear me out. There may indeed be no “I” in team but there is a “me” and since God him/herself (father, child, & spirit, if you believe the press, the real A-Team) supposedly told one of his most well known spokesmen, Moses, and through a burning bush no less, such theatrics, that the name was and is “I AM.” Cool and it fits so easily on any business card but more importantly says volumes about who God, the omnipotent, all-knowing, all-encompassing, is. The only one capable of fitting and filling that space within each one of us individually and collectively. Need a name – (insert your name here.)

Anything or anyone else we try to allow to fill that space will either leave us wanting for more or sink us to the bottom altogether. We may, as another song I love says, be better off for all that we let it, but never if we think anyone or anything could apart from being a part of the greater whole, the Universe, ever be enough.

All That We Let In

It really is all about you. Explore the inner you. If you have not already, start today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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