The Right Place

Blog 1568 – 01.02.2020

The Right Place

In the nineteen-eighties there was a popular country song the repeating chorus of which said: “Looking for love in all the wrong places, searching the world, looking for traces of what I’m dreaming of…”Just how and where to find love and truth often seemed to be two of the great illusive butterflies of life. But like Dorothy of Kansas found in her great quest to find her way home from Oz, we find that heaven, home, love, and truth are all within us. Jesus famous line to some religious folk of his day who spent a great deal of effort pouring over the scriptures, believing they might find them to be a road map were, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

I like many of you love a mystery, but the way to find, love, truth, and happiness has always been an easy one to solve. Our higher self left clues everywhere and in plain sight and in the event we do not have a regular Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass or inspection mirror he gave us all the people and things in this world to reflect back to us the greatest clue of all as to who and whose we truly are, the secret that is and never was a secret.

As the old and not very funny joke goes:

“You so smart, who won Second World War?

The obvious answer is, ‘Nobody, for nobody ever truly wins a war, for all in war are losers.”

But in life we do not have to be losers, we have only to look within ourselves to realize that we have always been on the winning side, always more than conquers. Remind you of anyone? We are equips with a natural buoyancy that will always allow us to float to the top if we just let go of the doubt and the heavy weights that drag us down and would drown us.

One of the first deaths in my family that I became aware of at age ten was the drowning death at seventeen of my Uncle Richard. My mother’s youngest brother was the best swimmer of the three brothers who had gone fishing in a boat on the Tennessee River in the early spring of 1961. It was cold so they all three were wearing heavy clothes but no life jackets, standard boating safety gear these days, but not everyone thought so then. The oldest of the three brothers, James “Buddy” went after Lamar, the middle brother who could not swim at all, when the boat capsized. He had quite a struggle getting him to shore as Lamar was fighting to keep his head above water and kept pulling his would be rescuer under. Buddy had no time to worry about Richard but just assumed that as he was the better swimmer that he could make it to shore fine on his own. Sadly he did not. It was several days of dragging the river before Richard’s body was located. It was a very sad time for my family. Even at that young age I recall overhearing several times the older people talking and saying that Buddy said that Richard was not able to swim because he could not get out of his water logged coat and boots. Their weight kept him under and drowned him under the water.

Something is going to be our own exit door from this play, this production, that we call our life. That finale is a scene that awaits us all. I believe, spiritually speaking that this body that serves us rather well is also a weight that keeps us, aided by gravity, attached to this world. Not unlike a deep sea diver’s weighted boots and weight belt and my Uncle Richard’s water logged coat and boots, when we are finally able to let it go we will float right out of this world.

Some may think that poetic or just fanciful nonsense, believe what you will, but know this, the answers we seek to the great mysteries of life are neither found in science nor religion per se but by looking within. I think one of the biggest reasons that ego, the imaginary self-created enemy of our souls, likes to keep our lives noisy, over-busy, and chaotic, is to keep us from meditation and self-reflection for there-in all the secrets of life are revealed. The X that always marks the spot is right on your, my heart, revealing not only that are we all a “number ten” (that is what the Roman Numeral X means) but that all the great treasures and answers we seek are within.

We have just been as the song I alluded to in the being of this piece says – “looking in all the wrong places.” Our own heart/mind/spirit is the right one. Happy hunting on this second day of what I believe will be the best year and decade of our lives.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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