The Creative Urge

Blog 1570 – 01.04.2020

The Creative Urge

It may often seem difficult to quantify but I believe the creative urge dwells I all of us, forever looking for opportunities to reveal itself through our particular and individual gifts. I see myself, as a speaker, writer, poet, and singer, not necessarily in that order, but ever willing to allow that creative urge to move me. One of my highest best intentions is to speak, write, and sing encouraging words, hence the title I picked for this my daily blog. Am I always successful, everyday, doing that, probably not, but I like to believe that I have hit the mark occasionally and that if I stay at it that I will improve my aim.

But what is the creative urge. I like to think of it as “the light” within everyone of us, shining not only on our own pathway so that we can see more clearly not only the obstacles but all the wonder ours opportunities in our path, but to help others see their way more clearly as well. Many my age are ready to sit down comfortably and rock but this child of the nineteen fifties, the golden age of rock ‘n roll, is still ready get up on the stage and rock. My body may not look as young as it once did but my mind and heart still have many dreams to realize before this journey is over. As comfortable as it may sound to die in one’s sleep, I think I would still rather make my exit in a trot trying to accomplish one more dream, to sing one last song, to put the finishing touches on that last blog or poem, or even better yet having concluded the best talk of my life to the largest listening audience ever, to exit stage right and attend the wrap party, rest period, whatever is in between this and the next big adventure.

Some picture heaven as all angels and clouds and nothing much to do but take it easy. I have already tasted my true heaven and have already learned how to take it easy. It is living that I am just beginning to learning how to do and how to say a quickly, yes to all my creative urges. I marvel at how much I have accomplished improving my speaking, writing, and singing in the few short years that I have really been allowing the creative juices to freely flow. Oh, I experienced a few spurts now and again through most of my sixty-nine going on seventy years. But nothing like in the last five years or so that I have tried to write at least one blog, one poem, and sing one song every day. How much fuller my life feels for it.

And I am forever practicing that great talk too, and not just planning and practicing but performing it and polishing it every chance I get. One of the best things about my traveling so much with my day job is that I am always meeting new people in new places to practice on, one or two at a time thus far, but when the opportunity presents itself I am ready for that greater audience and I will not disappoint them nor myself.

I have become a bit wiser with age and I know it is the rare young person that profits from the sage advice of an older person preferring to make their own choices even if they all too often result in long and painfully learned lessons. I try to resist the urge to offer unsolicited advice but here goes. Sadly, one of the regrets many of us older folks have and maybe why we get so forgetful, many of us, is that we did not listen and learn much sooner, without the delay, pain, and waste of so much time, choosing to find most things out the hard way.

My dear old dad tried to tell me, “Son, you don’t have to make all the mistakes. You could learn from some of mine, if you just would.” I remember as a “know-it-all” nineteen year old boy replying to him, “Dad you got to make your own mistakes, let me make mine.” What an idiot thing to think or say. Scientists say the brain is not even completely developed till the mid-twenties. I think in my case mid-sixties might be more accurate, but then I always was a slow learner.

Like the foolish children of a Israel that Moses lead out of Egypt, hard-headed and stiff necked people, I confess I was one, have a tendency to choose wandering around in the desert for forty or more years over taking the straight and proven paths straight away into the life and the land of productivity and promise.

My young friends, be smarter than I was or dumber, listen and learn, read and learn, speak, read, sing and learn from others mistakes. You don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself. You can learn from mine and others. And don’t wait till you are in your sixties to start. Begin today. You and the watching, waiting world will be glad you did.

A big part of the reason I intend to live past one hundred, seriously, is so that I can put into practice not just the hard lessons that I have learned myself, the hard way, but also all those marvelous quick and pain free ones that my daddy and others graciously have shared with me and that I failed to put into practice right away long ago.

That, I think, is the best way to make use of this life – this creative urge.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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