A Greater Reality

Blog 1567 – 01.01.2020

A Greater Reality

If life is but a dream as the children’s round, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, concludes why do I write of a greater reality. Well, perhaps it is because I have awakened from my own dream to find that I, each of us, has the power to choose our own dreams and to decide how they play out. This is a familiar theme in books and movies from The Razor’s Edge (both movie versions) to The Matrix Trilogy.

I have remarked several times over the last decade, my seventh, this go round and most wakeful one, that on the whole my generation was raised to be consumers. Having more buying power even as teens than previous generations we were marketed and soon traded in our birthright for fast food, free sex, and rock ‘n rock. Like most budding generations we had high and noble hopes of changing the world but soon let it instead conform us to it’s predetermined mold of rubber-stamping the status quo and queuing up to see the latest blockbuster movie or to become enslaved and addicted to the newest technology that we allowed ourselves to believe we could not live without.

All that promised to “free us and make our lives better” seems only to have enslaved us more and made our lives the lesser for it. In the guise of “more choice” what all the commercials political and pharmaceutical seem to be shouting is “This is it, how could anyone see it differently.”

I am here today, this first day of a new year and a new decade, to say you, to myself, and to all that we do have a choice – to be the real and unique persons we were always meant to be or to go back to sleep and let the puppet-masters in the seats of power decide our choices for us.

Nothing is ever a foregone conclusion from hair color, darker or bleach-meant, to the President, election or impeachment. There is a wild-card and not just in professional football championship playoffs it is you, it is me, it is us. We can always choose to wake up and choose for ourselves and not accept the limited choices, no choices really that our “betters” have presented to us. We can when asked, “Would you like to round that up to support…” say “No thanks, I would like my cash back to spend on or to give to whomever and what cause I choose. Or when asked to purchase that relatively expensive and hardly if ever really needed extended warranty plan (most likely as the “donation” really just an additional revenue stream to the retailer) we can say, “No thank you, in two years I’ll just buy another or realize that I did not really need or want this one.”

Whatever are you talking about, Crazy Dave? Just waking up to the fact that as George W. Bush, whom our current President has helped me to realize was a much classier and caring person than I thought at the time, said of himself, “I am the decider.” Yes, indeed you, I, we are. So let us decide what we once did as teenagers but forgot along the way – to make better choices, our own choices – what we support, who we vote for, where, how, if, and when to spend our money on whatever we choose.

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade – the choice is ours.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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