Remembering Dad On His Day

Blog 1555 – 12.21.2019

Remembering Dad On His Dad

I have written often of my dad, James Clifford White, WW2 Navy guy. I learned way more from him than I ever thought that I would. Dad dropped out of formal schooling in the tenth grade but continued learning all of his life. Of the many things he taught me well was the importance of telling an entertaining story. It does not really matter how important or pressing what you think you have to say is, no one will read or listen very long unless it grabs them and holds their interest.

Fifteen hundred and fifty four blogs ago I already knew I was a great speaker, writer, singer-song writer, teacher and that one day others would come to recognize this about me too. And that is not just little ego talking for I know Who and Whose I am. There is greatness in each of us. It is our birthright but putting it out there for others to see takes us exercising our courage, and those muscles like all muscles and talents get limber, stretch, and grow by exercising them.

Someone very dear to me told me yesterday, “You are a great writer and you have the balls to write what you think and put it out there, most do not.” I said, “ I know and I have for some time.” I also thought of a story that I have shared more than once of being at a Houston Live Stock and Rodeo launch once dressed as a bald white hair fringed clown with roller skates on. Though never a good roller skater, I zoomed around the parking lot filled with local businesses with booths giving out free food and advertising, sponsoring the annual event. I never fell even once but even if I had, I would have just made a spill or a sprawl all a part of the act. One very observant lady said, smiling at my performance, “You really have big balls.” And never one to miss an a opportunity, I shot back in full-on clown mode, “Thank you, Ma’am, for noticing” then zoomed on.

Brand New Key

Later that same day as I was making balloon animals for the children and parent’s who walked by my wife’s bank’s booth, I happened to notice that the line waiting for balloon animals was longer than the line at the next booth where people were waiting for an autograph from movie and TV kick-boxer and action star, Chuck Norris. It seemed a little known local clown with big balls, skates, and who also knew a few balloon tricks was kicking Chuck’s ass, not literally for even though I have big balls, I am a lover not a fighter.

Where was I headed with this? Where is the encouraging word? It is this – you, I, we all have the “right stuff” we just need to seize every opportunity to let it shine. The only difference between us and those other perhaps more widely known shining stars is that they took a risk and let there light shine. Oh, trust me, there will always be someone with a discouraging word or a pin to pop your balloon, but not here, not at The Encouraging Word. My job, like it was with balloons in that booth, is to pump you up so you and all can see what a lovely spirit-animal you are. Ya’ll got big balls too, ladies too, often bigger than the guys. And we all are meant to skate through life.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad. How’d I do? Had you not left for other shores you would have turned ninety-six today. Happy sailing, Sailor. And thank you for every well-told story you shared and for showing me how to carry a big pair.

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