Bitter Or Better

Blog 1556 – 12.22.2019

Bitter Or Better

You, I, We are not just getting older, we are getting bitter or better, the choice is up to us. Of course, I happen to believe that Who and Whose we truly are is already a settled matter and that nothing and no one can challenge or change the irrefutable fact of our true identity. I was speaking of how things seem in this time/space adventure only where we believe we are born, live, grow old, and die (some of us at least, the growing old part.)

In this “adventure land” we not only choose what comes to us (though we may try to deny it, we get what we ask for, even when we ask amiss) we get to choose how we react to it. The choice is to get bitter or better, hence the reason for so many grumpy old men and women. They made their choice and continue to, but what about you. Will you let sour grapes spoil the taste of the wine for you? My, you, I hope not.

It forever amazes me, long trapped in a tiny religious box of my own choosing, how bitter choices narrow and limit not only our capacity for fun but our enjoyment of life itself. We have been taught to believe that we have to work hard, get the schooling, watch for the breaks, pay our dues, save our money, then we will cash in, then we will live happily ever after. That is not a life, my friends. That is a real Drudge Report. No wonder so many turn bitter. I am thinking of the song, “Is That All There Is?” I had to stop writing and Google Peggy Lee performing that song in a Las Vegas night club many years ago. Believe what you will, Peggy, I happen to believe that may be all to there is to this particular adventure for some but we are all meant for so much more than that.

I love these great picture quotes and the way some people have a gift to capture great thoughts in but a few words. I am a much wordier guy usually. Some ideas take deeper thoughts and a few more words to express and then like a bee many of us fly or think in circles till we finally hone in on a target and make a beeline to it.

My point today is don’t be bitter, think better. It may sound like an over simplification but no matter how bitter or impossible the turn of events may seem we can turn even the most tragic or emotionally demanding ones into something positive by changing our minds just a bit, turning our focus slightly askew of the problem to the gifts they present – (They always come with presents too) there is always at least one. Counting our blessings is not just a great way to get to sleep but it helps us not to get bitter but to to get better and more sweet. Here’s looking at you, Sweetheart.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Ever Sweeter and Better, not Sour and Bitter,

David White

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