Marilyn Christmas

Blog 1554 – 12.20.2019

Marilyn Christmas

From a boy my life has been all about pretty women and one of the prettiest to me has always been Marilyn Monroe. Her image is everywhere still, even more than fifty years after her passing off this stage. My little house on wheels is a sort of shrine to her memory. My lovely wife Linda, the only woman to ever share this space with me, may be jealous of any other woman I might have ever loved, but not Marilyn for from a girl she always wanted to be Marilyn. A true brunette like Marilyn she dyed her hair blonde as a teen and keeps it that way even now. Even the long ago Clairol hair color commercial of years gone by challenged women to find out if, “Blondes have more fun.”

Still one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas for men, especially this one, is a Marilyn Monroe calendar with twelve pictures of beautiful Marilyn, one for each new month in the new year. The Rocket Man, Elton John’s “Good-bye, Norma Jean” not withstanding lovely Marilyn is ever with us.

The also lovely Susan Sarandon, herself a red-head, made a wonderful movie some years ago with James Spader called “White Palace” in which she plays a waitress in a White Castle restaurant in St. Louis. Though middle-aged, a smoker, a Christian, and a country music fan she soon has the number and attention of James Spader, a young widower, a non-smoker, a Jewish yuppie, and a classic music fan. Susan’s character is named Nora Jean Baker and she has pictures of Norma Jean Baker (a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe) hanging in her otherwise unattractive and unkempt home. James (Playing Max Baron in the movie) makes the mistake of buying Nora a vacuum cleaner for a gift and she goes off on him, “Candy, or flowers, but no cleaning products, that is not romantic.” Learn a lesson from Nora Jean Baker, fellows. She like her idol, MM, can teach us several lessons.

With Elton, many men in my generation also sing, “I would have liked to have known you but I was just a kid. Your passion burned out long before your legend ever did.” Merry Christmas this Marilyn Christmas and may all your Christmases, red, brown, yellow, red, black and white, be bright.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

David White

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