Rainy Days and Mondays…

Blog 1544 – 12.10.2019

Rainy Days and Mondays…

…Always make me glad. I have long believed that it only takes a slightly skewed view to see the best in any situation. So often the best presents seem hidden at first by the most unattractive packaging. Monday morning came with the prediction of an all day rain and with dropping temperatures but instead of being one who shuns rainy and cooler days I have come to see that there is a brightness even to seemingly dark and cloudy even rainy and cold days.


Rainy Days And Mondays

We let nothing or no one free to be all it or they were intended to be until we love them completely and unreservedly. As the little boy who discovered why dogs live shorter lives figured out – we are all here to learn to love. And since dogs start out already knowing how to love they do not need to stick around as long as people do. Even we humans start out remembering what we have learned so well, many of us at least, in previous lives but soon get caught up in this new adventure, distracted by all the illusions, and so are forced to learn lessons of loving all over again.

A friend commenting on the recent passing of my dear and beloved sister Lyn Smith, said that she was no longer in pain. Looking at that from my slightly skewed view I replied, “Yes, that is true but I have a sneaking suspicion that as comforting as that idea of “heaven” as a final resting place is to many, to me it is more likely a way station, a review station, where traveling spirits just catch their breathes between adventures.” And, yes, perhaps that “hunger for heaven” many claim to feel, a tiredness with this life, and a hankering to see old friends and family again is really the overwhelming desire not to end an adventure but to begin a new one.

We shall indeed see, but till that time, I suggest the best way to get the most out of every day left of this adventure is to greet each new day with a renewed anticipation of discovering a new love, or finding again an old one wearing a new disguise. Not only will that take the worry out of death being close but it will help prepare us to make the most out of all the adventures yet to come. A familiar love song from my youth is running through my head as I finish up this blog: “I’m gonna love my life away, I’m gonna love my life away, I’m gonna love, love, love – love my life away with you.” Have fun, Pilgrims. Kick-ass loving, not fighting is what I’m taking about.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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