How To Win Friends

Blog 1543 – 12.09.2019

How To Win Friends

A very wise little red-headed boy being raised by his grandma over heard her saying that she did not have many friends. And young as he was, he offered this sage advice, “Mom, making friends is easy, all your have to do is act friendly.” All you had to do was view her sour facial expression to realize the little guy had hit the nail right on the head. How easy it is for us to let ourselves become soured on life and to forget the things we knew and well as children, one that an open sweet smile attracts and a closed frowning face repells.

In Walmart, last week getting cash from my bank’s ATM, I noticed a lady in the line in front of me getting cash with two walking children in tow and a smiling little guy sitting in the grocery cart. I really do not recall which of us smiled first, he or me, but smile we did and a brief but instant friendship began. I waved and he waved back, I waved again, he waved harder. This exchange continued till the grocery cart turned at the other exit all the way across the front of the store. Several hardy smiles and waves passed between us, that eventually caught the attention of the mother and her two other children. They all smiled too at what priceless fun the little guy and I were having.

I don’t know if that encounter will fade from the little boy’s memory as many young memories seem too but as long as I remember it will be a treasured one for me. How many great friendships begin just like that with a smile and a wave. There are perhaps many other ways to make friends. Dale Carnegie in his classic book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” details a few. I highly recommend that book.

Many of us pride ourselves with how many friends we have on Facebook, followers on Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In, or other Social Media but often those “acquaintances” are promoted just to “sell us” because marketers know of our shared beliefs, ideologies, and tastes. It is all about buying, selling, or getting elected – advertising being the price of admission. The cynic in me says, “Everything has a price, nothing is free.” But then I remembered a smile and a wave, freely given and freely received, and a secret shared about how to make and keep true friends. We do not have to agreed on everything but on this one thing we should – there are somethings more important than winning, profits, politics, and religion all combined – true friends, our forever family.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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