Getting Things Done

Blog 1542 – 12.08.2019

Getting Things Done

I have come to believe and strongly that, “Thoughts Become Things” but still often the Universe does require us to take some baby steps in the direction of our desires as sort of an earnest indication that we really want them. Great things, treasures, and empires are not achieved by wisdom, perseverance, and hard work as the old saw goes but by simply Thinking Happy Thoughts constantly and consistently and watching them become the realities of our life.

We have bought into ego’s oldest lie, Original Sin, have been told and tell ourselves that forever repenting, “good behavior,” planning, preparation, long study and hard work will together produce the end results we are looking for. What utter nonsense, nor is a happy and fulfilled life just ‘luck” as some believe. The highest and best is out there for each and all of us, we have only to truly believe (think) it into being for ourselves as people less well-behaved, less intelligent, less pretty, less prepared and less hard working have been doing all along and trying to show us slower ones how.

For quite a long time I have been a Things To Do List kind of guy but I have for sometime thought a “Things to Think” list might be more appropriate and accomplish more. At the top of things not to put on but to always keep off that Things to Think list is “I Can’t Do This Or That” along with a longer list of leave offs including all self-deprecating and self-limiting beliefs. Every thought we think should be self-appreciating and self-empowering. And do not think that “selfish” for we can only love God and others as we love ourselves. It sounds counterintuitive but think about it.

Yesterday, I had a long list of things I intended to accomplish before the day was done and guess what – everything got done no fuss, no muss with little actual effort on my part. I even had time to write this blog, not on the list, and take a nice nap, not on the list either.

If you are all about getting things done, spend more time figuring out what you want and visualizing that clearly, sprinkle that vision with strong emotions, and say thank you right away or you might miss the chance to before that dream has already come true completely and is old news. But don’t take my word for it – experiment for yourself and I am confident you will find that living the life you always dreamed of is the result of practicing the fine art of, “Thinking Happy Thoughts.” Itself not a secret nor an original idea even to great thinker, Mike Dooley, author of Notes From The Universe, but one shared with and by all throughout the Universe.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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