We Chose This Road

Blog 1539 – 12.05.2019

We Chose This Road

I believe that we are personally responsible for our lot in life, that we chose this road long before this adventure began. We could have made many other choices and probably have in a myriad of adventures most likely preceding this one. I also believe that no matter what tragic loss or glorious victory we encounter that it is the set of our mind that determines our joy even as the set of the sail enables the ship to move forward no matter which way the wind is blowing.

Some think my faith is too simple or too Polly-Anna-like but it is the faith of a child of the Universe. My loving and infinite source is no jealous, angry, vengeful God but a God of Love. Some think I pick and choose what appeals to me to believe. But then don’t we all? How foolish it now seems to me this holding on to beliefs that are no longer serving me or that have and are actually causing me and those I love to suffer. Beliefs, after all, are only opinions that we have become invested in and they are only a good investment of our time, space, energy, and emotions if they bring us the desired returns.

Thank the Universe that nothing and no one save puny foolish little ego, our own or that of others, would ever insist that we continue down or up a road with no promise of love, joy, and peace along the way. If we do that, that too is our choice. Though why for this life of me I cannot think why we would. We came to this place to enjoy ourselves and thereby add to our own joy, that of of all we love, and of those who love us. If we have detoured from that path it is high time we got back on the road that suits us best again. Then we can sing again, “I’m Back In The High Life Again” one of Steve Winwood’s and our best songs in my opinion.

It is a waste of time and space to just stare at the fork in the road or get hung up on a particular belief, all roads lead home eventually. The choice is up to us and always has been because no matter what we might have once believed, we chose and continue to choose the road we are on.



Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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