More Than You Know

Blog 1540 – 12.06.2019

More Than You Know

I find in pictures and song lyrics lots of inspiration and ideas for blogs. The above picture and the song that goes, “More than you know, more than you know, lately I find you’re on my mind, more than you” both got me started this morning. Life is a dream but a lucid one with rules. How little time many of us spend trying to figure out the rules let alone learning to play by them.

My friend Mike Dooley has tried to condense some of those rules in his book “Endless Possibilities – The Art Of Living Your Dreams.”

Here they are:

1. Thoughts become things (We are creators).

2. Life (God, energy; we ourselves) is eternal.

3. There is only love (There is only God).

4. It’s all good (Everything is exactly as it “should” be).

5. To master our thoughts and imagination and therefore our life and destiny we

must first master their captain – our beliefs.

Beliefs are merely opinions that we get stuck on. Opinions, they say are like noses, everyone has one. It is easier to let go of opinions than it is beliefs even those of us who would sooner cut off our nose to spite our face find letting go cherished beliefs often painful still, even beliefs from childhood that we long ago stopped practicing have a way of showing up when new information stirs us to think of believing something new, to think of trying something new. So much for our being like children, open to new ideas.

Life is always more than we know and the game goes on and on but how much more fun it is when we learn to play by the rules, when we realize that everything is not happening to us but that we programmed the game to play and to have a ball.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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