One Of My Favorite Themes

Blog 1538 – 12.04.2019

One Of My Favorite Themes

Did you every notice that wherever you turn that you are always finding yourself already there. It is a favorite theme of mine this Oneness that we all share with the Infinite. Oh, but we are tempted to think that we are small, insignificant, and alone in the Universe but we are not, far from it, for we are One with the Universe.

The demon-possessed (more likely mentally ill man that met Jesus once at a boat landing) when asked his name replied “Legion – for we are many.” But even crazed and mixed up as he was, his spirit felt a oneness with Jesus and he instinctively knew that his brother could help him by revealing that part of himself that he needed to see to be whole in mind and body.

Anytime we reach out to another we are hoping to unlock that part of ourself that has the answer that we are seeking. I believe we are connected and that the real purpose for all the reflections in the mirror is so that we may see ourselves more clearly and figure out faster just Who and Whose we truly are and begin really enjoying this vivid and lucid dream.

Instead of erroneously thinking it is all happening to us, we would be better served to awake to the true understanding that it is all by the design of our higher mind, the One and Only. It may seem at times an unsolvable mystery this search for “the One and Only” but only till it dawns on us that like the ole rock standard by Johnny Rivers goes, “I’m a one, I’m a one, the one they call Seventh Son.” The seventh son was thought to have special powers and indeed each of us does, the power by our thoughts to create and recreate the world around us by simply changing our minds.

Happy creating and recreating every One.

You friend, fellow traveler,

And co-creator,

David White

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