U B U And I’ll B Me and The World Will B Better 4 It

Blog 1537 – 12.03.2019

U B U And I’ll B Me And The World Will B Better 4 It

I heard myself saying to someone over the weekend, “Why should we care what anyone else thinks of us as it is most certain that most people do not care what we think of them.” Of course, I exaggerated the point a little, but the point is that there is a unique and wonderful individual in us that only we can be and to compromise that for acceptance or “fitting in” with someone else’s plan or program seems sinister and criminal if not altogether stupid. It is you, me, that special adaptation, version, of the Divine that the world needs now and most of all.

Over two thousand years ago a baby boy was born in Judea where his parents had gone according to the law to pay their taxes. You know the story. There were “No Vacancy” signs up at all the inns in Bethlehem, so Joseph asked if they could rest their animal and themselves in a barn. His young wife was very pregnant and the long journey by donkey had been tough on her. The baby was born in a barn. I do not suppose Mary ever said to her son when he failed to wipe his feet before entering the house, “Were you born in a barn?” She knew that he was and that his first crib was a manger, a food trough for critters. Humble beginnings, are often far exceeded by unfettered, well-lived lives. The best ones are not carbon copies of others (even so called great examples) or colored completely between the lines, as many would teach us, but extraordinary lives where styles are challenged and boundaries are pushed. Jesus we are told grew in favor with God and man but not by bowing to custom, kissing up, or by being a chameleon, but by striving to let his higher best self show at all times.

There is so much emphasis on “doing” that “being,” the more important of the two, has not gotten its due. We are human beings at least in part and “to be or not to be” is more than a question asked by a dark prince in a play. It is the plot and the whole reason for the story.

If I be me and you be you then two divine angles come in to view. Your mission, Jim or Kim, is to just to be you in all your greatness and glory. To quote that famous Bethlehem boy, “Do not let the world press you into it’s mold but be transformed by always thinking of the highest best version of yourself and allowing that vision to materialize.” And yes, I, perhaps, embellished his words a bit but that is my thing and as Billy Shakespeare put it, “Be true to thine own self and thou canst be false to no man.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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