“I Love A Good Mystery”

Blog 1536 – 12.02.2019

“I Love A Good Mystery”

One of many of my tired and well-worn puns when others seem frustrated over some misplaced or lost object is, “I love a good mystery.” Life has a way of providing plenty of opportunities for a true detective like myself.

On Sunday I saw the newly released sleuth movie, Knives Out, starring Daniel Craig in a role quite different from his James Bond portrayals. I actually enjoyed his Kentucky-fried drawl in the movie, that one suspect in particular critiques more than once. There are several twists and turns as the mystery Who-dun-it enfolds.

There is even one clear allusion to the classic mystery board game, Clue, when the mansion where the mystery begins and ends is said itself to resemble a Clue Board. Before the two hour drama is over, you, along with the audience and chief detective will discover who done it, with what, and where but take care deducing the often misleading clues.

I think that you, too, might enjoy a good mystery this holiday season. Daniel Craig and company serve up quite a dandy in this movie goer’s opinion. You may indeed be the judge of that but be sure to have your note pad and pen at the ready ticking off the clues against a house full of inheriting suspects.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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