Don’t Hate To See November Go

Blog 1534 -11.30.2019

Don’t Hate To See November Go

I try to love every one and every month the same but like many of you I have a few favorites. And for me November has always been one of those. First, perhaps because my birthday falls in late November, the twenty-second. And secondly, because it has fallen on Thanksgiving several times in my life, it has long been my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas.

When my son, Jonathan, was a little guy his birthday fell more than once on Easter. And as the spring-time little league neighborhood baseball teams launched their new season on his birthday which fell also several times on a Saturday morning, there was a parade through the neighborhood to a ball field in a park nearby where the kids played. More than once I held him in my arms to watch as the parade with kids carrying balloons passed our house and I could tell by that sparkle in his eyes that he thought that parade was all arranged to honor his birthday. And indeed the Universe more than once has conspired such a thing.

A week ago yesterday evening I stood at a sixth floor window in the French Lick, Indiana Casino Hotel and beheld in the dark sky one if not the most fabulous fireworks displays that I have ever scene. Anyone observing my face would have seen the same sparkle that I saw in my young son’s eyes. And I must confess that I felt like and almost said, “All for me, you shouldn’t have.” But it is just like my loving and infinite source to always provide anything and everything that I could ever need or want at just the right time and in just the right way.

I do not really hate to see November go, after all Christmas is coming soon, a favorite birthday where we all receive the gifts and the birthday boy gets Away In The Manger and Little Drummer Boy sung to him for the umpteenth time. Does’t seem quite fair and the only gift just for him are symbolic – gold, frankincense, and muir. No rattles, stuffed animals, or even a brightly colored pacifier for the babe sent to bring peace on earth, no birthday cake or candles just one of his saints, Nicolas, handing out gifts to everybody else. However do they get started, these crazy holiday traditions.

Here’s a new one that I have been observing since I first saw that sparkle in my little boy’s eyes. I close mine then open them and tell myself sincerely that everything that I hear, smell, taste, and see was created by and just for me. Nice job, Davy, especially the way you hung the sun, stars, and moon. Way to go, Birthday Boy.

I hope this month of November was as wonderful for you as it was for me. And here’s wishing you each and all the very best this holiday season.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Christmas In Dixie

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