So Long, Lake Monroe

Blog 1533 – 11.29.2019

So Long, Lake Monroe

Sometime probably in the middle of this holiday season I will be saying good-bye to Lake Monroe and all the friends and familiar places that I have come to know while on a work assignment here in South Central Indiana since May. I do not yet know where I will be headed next but I have come to expect only the best outcomes from my loving and infinite provider.

And I am not talking about my contract work agency, though they have been an instrument, a channel, through which interesting work assignments have come over the last seven years. I am writing in particular about the creator and the author of this adventure in space and time, my higher self.

I heard once that the best way to enjoy this life is to think of it as if we “just stepped outside” as if “we were living someone else’s life.” Michael Buble’s song “Home” has been a special favorite of mine since I first heard it before I began this all but for a couple of months away from home traveling contract inspector life. I intend at this point to retire in three or four years so I hope yet to see a few more states from this wonderful vantage point.


It is also my hope to continue traveling this great country and seeing as much of it as I can after I retire. I will keep you posted, dear friends. The Lake Monroe area has been a wonderful place to spend the last five months of my 69th year into this traveling adventure. Some one has said of us as little babies that that first heralded step was just preparing us to head out the door into the wider world. As the Lion King’s Circle of Life song says, “There is far too much to take in here, more to do than can ever be done.” For that reason more than any other I believe that those who wish are granted many lives to explore it all, like God on holiday.

Reporting from high in the sky over Lake Monroe,

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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