A Tribute To My Sister Lyn

Blog 1525 – 11.21.2019

A Tribute To My Sister Lyn

Some of my most favorite blogs to write and perhaps my best, I think, are tributes. Yesterday, I learned that my dear and beloved Sister Lyn Smith recently had a stroke and is under hospice care not expected to be with us much longer. Lyn has been a long time fan of this blog, my Daily Mockingbird song and many times commented thanking me. I really think that she thought I did them all just for her and she was of course spot on right for I do them all for “my family and friends” and that she is as are each one of you.

I was for seven years married to one of Lyn’s younger sisters, Sandra. And so I first came to think of her as sister because she was my wife’s sister. Lyn is a long time believer so she is my sister, also because we share Heavenly parentage, she is my sister twice removed. But thirdly and most importantly Lyn is my sister because she is one of the sweetest most caring spirits that I have ever known or ever hope too.

People have believed and still do, myself included, a lot of crazy things. But there are a few things that are true whether we believe them or not. The singer-psalm-writing-giant-slaying-Jew-King, whose name I share, David, wrote at the end of the Twenty-Third Psalm that two angels followed him everywhere, their names, Goodness and Mercy. He went on to write that he knew that he would dwell in God’s House forever.

I believe those very self-same angels are anxiously waiting to take my sister home and that there she will be welcomed as the goddess she always was to those of us who saw her wondrous inner light. No other so frequently or kindly commented to encourage the encouraging word guy as faithfully as she did. She may not recognize me or any of us just now but you can rest assured she will be putting in good words for all of us when she wakes up in heaven soon.

Some of my hard-shell atheists friends might think angelic escorts and homecomings for wayward travelers a bit fanciful on my part but I have it on the highest authority that this awaits us all, some of us sooner than later.

I had the two little cuties pictured show up this morning to remind me that two angels are always watching and always ready to take us Home when we have had enough of this adventure in space and time. Sister’s departure is drawing close. I am grateful for every kind word, every smile and every hug that touched me as this song:


Love Me.

See you when we get Home, Sister Lyn.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Shortly after I completed writing the above I was informed that my sweet Sister Lyn, in the company of angels, made her flight Home. Though I will miss her smile and her encouragement, I fully expect to see her again soon.

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