My Sexy Birthday, 69

Blog 1526 – 11.22.2019

My Sexy Birthday, 69

First let me say that as a Boomer child that like many others I thought anyone over thirty was ancient and not to be trusted and that therefore fifteen was the perfect age to be and actually middle-aged. Most of us never thought we would live passed thirty but quite many of us have.

Some of you who perhaps just tuned in to this blog may be wondering why I refer to my sixty-ninth birthday as my sexy birthday. The Ying Yang or 69 symbol refers to mutual and simultaneous oral sex. As the old jokes goes, “If God made anything better than that, He/She kept than for Themselves.”

My mother who had suffered especially with depression and insomnia after the death of my dad at seventy-three chose to cut her own life short before her sixty-ninth birthday. Many of her church friends and other family members were surprised by and very disappointed in her for that act. I was not surprised nor disappointed in her. By that time in my life I was mostly done with judging others and had, I think, lowered my expectations a bit. Many find it difficult to be happy because of overly high expectations, failing to see and appreciate the abundance of wonderful little victories and treasures in life.

We all, I think, do our best to make sense out of our lives, and unless we are just unwilling to let go of beliefs that are no longer serving us we can indeed figure a few things out. I believe that prior to this particular incarnation which began for me sixty-nine years ago that I chose James Clifford White to play my dad and Alene Florence Davidson White to play my mom. They were good people, not perfect people, but perfect for me because their little David was not and is still not perfect nor even wants to be – just happy. Happy Birthday, to me.

The first woman that I chose to love with all of my heart was not easy, she had some real self-esteem issues, she had trouble loving herself but no trouble at all loving me to a fault. She really set me up to believe the false narrative: “No one will ever love you like your mother.” But the old song nevertheless rang true in my case: “I want a girl just like the girl that married dear ole dad.” I believe every girl or woman that I ever loved was in someway like my beloved mama. I fully confess that I picked everyone and still love them all as much if not more than I ever did.

My long time love and thirty-years wife, my beloved Linda Lee, has suffered more than a little grief over my continuing affection for those ladies and others I have also loved. But being the most like my mother she never needed to have had even one jealous moment for her place on the romantic throne of my heart was secured for her by my deep and enduring mama-love.

I am happy that she is with me for my Sexy Birthday, 69. And if I make it as is my goal and my intention to One Hundred, I hope she is by my side to share that one too. The first karaoke song I ever sang was for her (They all are as she more than anyone else I hear in my mind saying, “Sing me a song.”) That first song was the Beatles song, “When I’m Sixty-Four.” We were both closer to forty-three at the time but by way of answer to song’s question, “Yes, I will still need you and still feed you, even if I make it to one hundred and sixty four.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

The Birthday Boy,

David White

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