“On Sale” And “Savings” Ploys

Blog 1524 – 11.20.2019

“On Sale” And “Savings” Ploys

We have been trained from an early age to always desire bigger and better toys and to measure our success in life not by the accumulation of wealth but by a high credit score and an overflowing toy box. Even the words “sale” and “savings” are mere ploys in most cases to get us to eagerly hand over all we earn to the middle men, the hucksters, the kings of the economy that they create and keep going at all cost.

Always in search of a bargain we equate spending with wealth and impoverish ourselves thinking that buying something on sale and being told we saved so much is actually saving. “You gotta spend money to make money” they say, but spending is never saving, nor is just putting something aside for some larger purchase or proverbial rainy day. We ought everyone of us be adding to our wealth and not spending it all. Jesus said to the young rich ruler who wanted to follow him, “Go and sell all that you have and give it to the poor, and come and follow me.” That is no excuse to give all we have to the rich and Jesus never ask that nor expected it of anyone.

We seldom even hear whispered any more lines like, “A fair profit for a fair product” and the desire of a few to get rich quick seems to trump our old school notion of “the greater good.” Just so long as corporate policy and performance bring higher and higher dividends to share holders it does not seem to matter who else or how bad the environment nor the safety and security of others is hurt.

Saving the planet and having our own personal pile of saved wealth for the security and peace of mind of ourselves, of our families, and of our community must be reestablished or we are destined to be just “wage-slaves” existing only to serve our greedy and uncaring overlords and masters. In the United States of America our political leaders are supposed to be elected to be “public servants” but most of those too have forgotten what they were elected to do, to represent the interests and greater good of their constituents, and have instead sought only to further feather their own nest. We are a country where even our laws are mostly proposed and even written by rich and powerful lobbies and even our highest court has ruled that a corporation has the same rights as an individual person and where dark money and not men and women of conscience and personal integrity make the big decisions not for the greater good but for all mighty profits – the God in whom we truly trust. In money we trust but only the one or two percent actually save any of it.

All the greedy conspiracy theories set aside, saving is really a simple process that everyone could and should avail themselves of. From all the money that we control, that comes in and goes out so quickly, we must learn to levy for ourselves a toll and say “that’s mine, I will put it aside for my cash-stash, my FU money, my means to out perform the “money exchangers, and money leaders, by having my own money to borrow from if I need to and pay back to myself with interest. The secret to becoming rich and staying rich is growing capital. We cannot continue to spend every penny we make and even those we have yet to make and call ourselves capitalists. We must call ourselves by our true names, dupes, rubes, easy-marks, the conned as opposed to the con-men and con-women who continues to grow richer and richer off our continued servitude.

Throw off your shackles and with one courageous and brave woman of color say, “As long as I have something laid by, no one can tell me what to do.” That is your job and yours alone. If we give all we have and that privilege away, I say, “Shame on us.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Start small, but start today, and watch your health, happiness, and self worth grow as does your net financial wealth. You just may find rich people and not just blondes have more fun. Why, even tiny Leprechauns in poor Ireland have a pot of gold while a world of consumers spend every dime not having left enough to buy a pot to pee in.

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