“Every Hands A Winner…”

Blog 1523 – 11.19.2019

“Every Hand’s A Winner…”

“And every hand’s a loser. And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.” According to Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. But what would you say if I told you that we only die in our sleep, that all of this is just a dream, a vivid dream in which our thoughts all become things.

It is a recurring theme throughout this four plus years old blog that what most of us assume is the “real world” is only an illusion of our own design to try out in relative safety all the possible scenarios. It would be just like our loving and infinite higher self, Source, to come up with just such a scheme to not only keep us safe but allow us to experience everything.

What makes a “winning” hand and what a “losing” one? Winning and losing, good and bad are really just matters of perspective. It is indeed all good from our highest best perspective.

In the second of twenty shortened classic children’s stories that I plan to read, record and post from Shari Lewis’s, One-Minute Bedtime Stories called “That’s No Way To Do It!” we learned that we cannot please everyone so we might as well please ourselves.


That’s No Way To Do It!

That is also the conclusion of Rick Nelson’s song, “Garden Party.” It is a favorite of mine.


Garden Party

In the wonderful movie The Princess Bride, the farmer boy Wesley shows his love and utter devotion for the the beautiful and at that time somewhat high-handed Buttercup by answering her impolite and demanding requests with a simple “As You Wish.” I believe that is also how our highest and best self always answers us if we listen for we are meant to be happy and whole, wholly or holy living just the way it pleases ourselves best.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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