Dark Side Or Honeymoon

Blog 1518 – 11.14.2019

Dark Side Or Honeymoon


California In My Mind

“With a holy host of others gathered around me, still I’m on the dark side of the moon. And it seems like this goes on forever. You must forgive me, if I’m up and gone to California in my mind.”

In James Taylor’s original version it is Carolina but since I have already seen a lot of the Carolinas and very little of the Californias it is the moon shining over California that I have in mind and more of a honeymoon than the dark side of the moon or the moon being a harsh mistress.


The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress

It is honeymoon that typifies the dream of wedded bliss for many. It is for that romantic excitement we crave. Often married life seems more blister than bliss and many are tempted into affairs that though exciting and invigorating at first create more often than not more pain and remorse for all involved. Multiple marriages are also attempts to color within the lines and find that better, more lasting, sweet honeymoon. I wish I had a more encouraging word at this point. This is the best I can come up with. If we hold on to the thought of honeymoon and do not let go of it, it can become as real in our lives as any other thought. I do with every fiber of my being believe that we, everyone of us, create our world by our thoughts, words, and deeds. Our words and deeds all grow out of our thoughts.

Here’s wishing, hoping, but even more intending for myself and my partner a life-long lovely honeymoon and for all you loving and hopeful couples out there too.

To the moon, Alice, and in the highest, best, and sweetest sense, Ralph, less pow and more wow. That is an old early nineteen-fifties TV Honeymooners reference, Children.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

True Romantic and Honeymooner,

David White

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