The Sun And The Moon

Blog 1519 – 11.15.2019

The Sun And The Moon

Ego, our true and only arch-enemy, is always presenting us false choices – good versus evil, light versus dark, the sun versus the moon. But we can and do have it all, for we are holy and we are whole. There is light in us and there is darkness and it is not good or bad. It just is. The moon is after all just the reflected glory of the sun and needs the night sky to shine brightly in her own no way less glorious way.

The sun and the moon are not opposed or opposites but they are One as we and all the Universe are One. We knew this once before this adventure in time and space began but sometimes we get so caught up in it all that we forgot that we designed this time space Holodeck as a safe place to experience all there is to experience but none of these illusions can or do change Who we truly are.

This is a reoccurring theme for me and sharing it often I hope to divulge The Secret that is and never has been a secret, just a briefly forgotten truth – we are each of us the sun and the Moon, Divinity On Holiday. There is a haunting rock song that plays in the beginning and throughout one of my favorite movies from the nineteen-nineties, The Fisher King, with Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, and Mercedes Ruehl. The main line of the song reminds me of the eternal truth that we all share – “I’ve got the power.”

Do not listen to ego who always whispers, “But you can’t do that.” The eternal truth, the secret that is and never was a secret, is that you can do all things because that is Who and Whose you are. You hung the sun and moon – Nice job by the way.

Just like that, exercise your power.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

Co-creator and fellow powerhouse,

David White

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