About Angels

Blog 1517 – 11.13.2019

About Angels

I think a lot about angels. I think I have encountered many in my almost sixty-nine years. A week from this coming Friday I will be celebrating my Sexy Birthday, 69. And Monday, one if not the most constant and caring angel in my life drove up from South Carolina to see me. For most of the first half of this life I believed that no one would ever love me as much or as voraciously as my Angel Mama. Upon meeting my Linda Lee, my mama took me aside and said to me, “That woman is never going to let you leave.” For many years I thought that was some kind of dire prediction but I have come to believe it was actually the answer to my mother’s prayer and my own. So many I have loved have left, including my Angel Mama, but my wife, Angel Linda Lee, has not and though I tease her that I expect to out live her, I hope that is not the case because, Darling, you’d survive better without me than I would without you.

When I was a boy and because I lived in almost constant fear of being separated from or losing my mom I distracted myself by watching countless hours of television. Harpo Marx said watching TV always made him want to read a book. But I was a very poor reader so television was my addiction and my distraction from a world where everything seemed to be pulling my Angel Mama away from me. My favorite TV programs were the old black and white movies. Everything was so black and white to that fearful little boy, like in a movie I saw years later, Pleasantville. Our TV sets were all black and white till I was grown. Life is and never was just black and white but many shades of gray scattered with multitudes of vibrant and glowing colors.

I remember one of those boyhood black and white movies was about a young girl angel awaiting her turn to be born into this world. She was about ten years old, pretty old for a baby angel in waiting. She had almost been born many times but last minute complications had always short-circuited those assignments. Free-will is a tricky business or so the movie seemed to be saying. But angel girl keep hoping that she would be wanted and have a chance to experience life as a baby, a girl, and a woman someday. Finally she got her wish, having to help the young couple she picked out herself realize how much that they loved and cared for one another and that they wanted to share that love and caring with a child.

It is perhaps a fanciful way to think of that staging place ahead of these adventures in paradise but I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps it is not too far off the mark. There are obscure references and subtle clues all throughout literature and our experiences that point to the existence of and visitations of angels.


Angels Among Us

When I think of angels, two lines in particular come to mind. Somewhere in the New Testament it reads, “Many have entertained angels unaware.” I refer to that verse as the angels’ underwear verse. And I believe President Lincoln in a speech once appealed to our better angels to guide us through a troubled time in our country’s history. Many think we are going through one of those especially troubling times right now.

Perhaps even as I write this some angelic IMF (Impossible Mission Force) angel is being briefed for her/his next assignment to earth, “Your mission Gem, if you decide to accept it is to make a difference…” You may be thinking, that boy has definitely watched too much TV. Maybe so, but I thank God For Charlie’s and all the other angels that I have known of in my life. I have a date with one tonight. And Mama, if you are tuning in from time to time to see how your boy is doing, you were so right, and I am so glad, this angel is never going to let me go nor I her.

Your friend and fellow traveler.

Erstwhile angel Baby myself,

David White

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