The First Snow

Blog 1516 – 11.12.2019

The First Snow

I have always been a boy enamored by snow. In Southeast Tennessee, Chattanooga in particular, where I grew up we usually had three or four good snows per season, those in excess of four inches you could play in and build snowmen in. That was never quite enough for a snow day loving boy like me.

I do recall looking out the classroom windows over the steam radiators that seemed to mock me hissing, “No show on the snow, Boyo.” Just a little north of the city limits, the Hamilton County schools often closed due to snow but seldom and only rarely did the Chattanooga city public schools close. Oh, but when they did it was like an extra birthday or extra Christmas holiday.

One of my fondest boyhood memories is of snow sledding with my brother, my best buddy, and his brother on a hill not far from our homes. There were no cars moving so we sledded down hill right in the middle of the street. I could hardly feel the cold as time after time I excitedly ran back up the hill to give it another go.

So believe me when I say that with me it is always a devout and fervent prayer, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” Amen. Bring on the sleds and snowmen. It snowed the first snow where I am today, happy birthday to me, and Merry Christmas.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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