To Leave Something Behind

Blog 1515 – 11.11.19

To Leave Something Behind

This is my third blog inspired by a song by Sean Rowe (pictured) that I heard at the end of Ben Affleck’s movie, The Accountant. I loved the song and planned to do a cover of it for my Daily Mockingbird Song email, the first time I heard it. It took me a while, but I finally got around to it. I used to pass out little round wooden nickels with “TUIT” printed on them because people were always saying, “I will do this or that as soon as I get a round to it.” No more excuses. It is high time to think of getting those important things done and to try to leave something behind besides empty promises.

To Leave Something Behind

Most wise and caring parents try to put a little something aside not just for retirement but in order to bequeath something of monetary value to their children. I am doing that, but want to leave something more behind than money and memories, and not just for my wonderful son but for everyone who survives me. This blog, my Daily Mockingbird Song, and David Reads Children’s Books emails are my attempt to do that. We celebrate the gifts others have shared with us throughout their lifetimes, writers, speakers, singers, teachers, artists, actors, and comedians, the list goes on. We all want to leave something important behind more than just special memories.

Some years ago now both my parents made their, in the words of cartoon character, Snaggle Puss, exit stage right. They left me and my brother a house, a car, furniture, pictures, and nice sum of cash, along with lots and lots of loving memories. Dad also left a typed in all-caps (dad was a shouter) manuscript of several of his favorite stories that he loved to tell. I also had several tapes that I had asked him to record of those stories. I gave them to my son some years ago.

I hope someday after I myself have left the stage that this or some other of my already more than fifteen hundred blogs, over two-hundred and fifty Mockingbird Songs, and over one hundred recorded children’s books will be a blessing to someone. And that they will realize that I was just trying to leave something behind.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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